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This site is a place where I will post things related to anime and music – often both – and anything else I may wish to add and share. As you can see, thus far, this includes recorded piano performances and translations of lyrics.

Hello, all.

Prior to this, I’ve already posted myself playing piano to youtube and shared lyrics with some friends, so I’ve gone ahead and put them up already. I’m still new to this blogging business, so I’ll be working on making everything nice and pretty.

Now, then, some notes on what I’ve posted thus far:

Sorairo Days – Nakagawa Shouko, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OP
This was the first piano recording I posted on the Internet. Notice that the camera angle is different from all subsequent videos; at this point, I still cared that my head was visible. Tempo wasn’t too good and there’s a noticeable mistake in the middle, but hey, people still seem to love it.

Fable – Morton Gould, “Pieces of China”
This was one of the pieces I played for my last examination. I decided to record it while I still remembered the piece. My piano has a bass sustain pedal rather than a sostenuto pedal, so the sound isn’t as clear as it should be, but I think it came out alright.

doll – Lia & Tada Aoi, Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- ED
I recorded this song after volunteer work at the local elementary school. I think certain conversations I had that day made me kind of depressed (though it’s not so uncommon, to tell the truth), and when I got back at night, it seemed like a good idea to play the piano in the dark.

human – Lia, Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Final ED
When I heard this on the single for “doll”, I fell in love with this song. I really like songs with this kind of atmosphere – a sort of ethereal, beautiful sadness. After translating, I also correctly anticipated that this would be used for the final episode. I have yet to see it, but I’m sure the song in context of the series will be nearly enough to bring me to tears.

Tori no Uta – Lia, Air OP, Kanon AIR Piano Arrange Album Re-feel version
Ah, Air. Air was the first series I watched of its kind, and it remains one of the saddest I’ve seen. The Re-feel Album drastically intensifies that feeling.

Kraid – Metroid BGM
This piece was recorded on a whim out of the boredom of a summer day. Fun song to play.

Prelude in D-flat Major – Reinhold Glière, Op.43, “Eight Easy Pieces”
I played this piece for examination years ago. I rediscovered it, but I’ve lost the good technique and I played it too quickly. It doesn’t help that, after uploading, I saw recordings of mostly eight-year-olds who play better than I did (when I was still older than that). Oh well.

This is one of my favorite openings ever. The almost lonely desperation in the lyrics is very fitting for the series, and I resonated. I love the tune, and the male and female voices harmonize perfectly.

More awesomeness from VELTPUNCH. I really enjoyed this song, with such highly energized music coupled with lyrics that describe the static disarray of breakup.

Natsukage – Air BGM, Kanon AIR Piano Arrange Album Re-feel version
This is Misuzu’s theme. That gives me the same feelings as Tori no Uta, only greater magnitude. I think this is my best performance so far.

Well, everyone, please enjoy these items of mine from now.

…Yoroshiku ne.

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  1. Air is one of my favorite animes!

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