bambooXZX's personal blog, mostly dedicated to song lyrics translation from Japanese to English.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. happy new year! :)

    Thank you for the awesome translations you have here in your blog especially the Kawada Mami songs. ^_^ keep it up! I was just wondering how you did it… XD Since I don’t know your nationality… But if you’re Japanese, then *end of wondering*.

    And this one is optional, don’t take this seriously but if it won’t really hurt that bad, can you please translate Kawada Mami’s “portamento”? I really love that song… So it would be awesome if you can translate it… Haha! But if you’re busy just tell me. =)

  2. @fred:

    I’m not Japanese. I rely on the knowledge I’ve gained through school courses and the dictionary to the best of my ability.

    As for your request, I’m not familiar with the song, so I’ll look into it.

  3. Hey there sorry for the long wait. =.=’ I’m a bit busy with other things that’s why it felt like eternity since your last reply.

    Btw, here’s a .zip file containing the mp3 and lyrics (with kanji and romaji in .txt file) of Kawada Mami’s “portamento”.

    Sorry if I’m being demanding in some way (but you can tell me if I really am. XD) but something pulled me to ask you this favor. Well all I could think is that because you translated (and I also think you liked) “Ame”. Well if you really liked “Ame” then you might also like “portamento”, that’s what I think. Hehehe…^_^

  4. ohh sorry, I forgot to include the link… >< here it is…


  5. @fred:
    Heh, it’s fine. I’ve already found the song and scans, but thanks anyway. Love the song already.

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