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Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd NoAH ED, fake me

fake me in general seems a little more subdued than the OP/ED for the anime and original game. Interesting.

Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition / Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

The afterimage flickers,
Depicting a distorted reality –
A world where the line between delusion and truth disappeared.

refuse to fight, pretend not to see
reject the world, alone
The moment that the sandcastle collapsed…

I found a steady intent within the trembling world.
My WILL won’t let tomorrow become clouded.
If a single wish of mine is granted,
I’ll give you that sky, and my feelings will shred the darkness.

There is bloodshed in my nightmares.
I hide my twisted mentality.
The value of reminiscence and excuses disappeared from this world.

refuse to lose, even if I’m afraid
reject the lies, stay strong
I sieze the fallen, red flowers – visions.

Within the trembling future, I won’t relinquish my determination.
My WILL won’t let go of hope.
I will grant all of your wishes.
We’ll reach that sky; our prayers pass through the light.

Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition / Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

Zanzou chiratsuki
Ibitsu na genjitsu   utsusu
Mousou ・ shinjitsu   sakaime kieta sekai

refuse to fight   minai furi
reject the world   hitori
Kuzureru suna no shiro   setsuna   mitsuketa

Yuragu sekai no naka ni yuruginai ishi wo
Ashita wo kumorasenai A WILL
Boku no negai ga hitotsu   kanau no naraba
Ano sora wo ageru yo   yami kirisaku omoi

Akumu no Bloodshed
Yuganda shinri   himeru
Kaisou ・ koujitsu   kachi nado kieta sekai

refuse to lose   kowakute mo
reject the lies   tsuyoku
Chiriyuku akai hana   tsukamu   maboroshi

Yuragu mirai no naka de yuzuranai ketsui
Kibou wo tebanasanai A WILL
Kimi no negai wo zenbu   kanaete ageru
Ano sora ni todoku yo   hikari koeru inori


いびつな現実 写す
妄想・真実 境目消えた世界

refuse to fight 見ないふり
reject the world ひとり
崩れる砂の城 刹那 見つけた

明日を曇らせない A WILL
僕の願いがひとつ かなうのならば
あの空をあげるよ 闇切り裂く想い

歪んだ心理 秘める
回想・口実 価値など消えた世界

refuse to lose 怖くても
reject the lies 強く
散りゆく紅い花 つかむ 幻

希望を手放さない A WILL
君の願いを全部 かなえてあげる
あの空に届くよ 光超える祈り

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