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So, it’s been almost exactly 50 days since I posted the Taimanin Asagi ED’s lyrics. Let’s look at the stats since then, shall we?

(For a bit more perspective, “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” gets all of its hits from the Youtube link, while “Nagori no Tsuki” was a fluke with one of the referrers that tracks every blog.)

wordpress_2009-4-12Well, never mind the songs that I actually think people should listen to. I clearly need to translate more hentai theme songs.

I am being completely serious when I say that.

4 thoughts on “About page views

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  2. Hello! Do you know the opening theme song for Taimanin Asagi, perchance? Can’t find it anywhere…

    • @Gav:
      I don’t seem to recall there being an actual OP for the OVA. If you’re talking about the game, I wouldn’t know, sorry.

  3. Ha no not the game… the OVA does have opening theme music that’s played during the credits, albeit it no lyrics or anything. But thanks anyway!

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