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school food punishment – over


school food punishment, Riff-rain

Requested by Deibel.

Short song this time.

school food punishment

I want to throw it away.
Yesterday, when the ringing wouldn’t stop, I ran from the answer.
I want to disappear like you did.
The distortion returns, a flashback like my lingering feelings.

I hate this field of vision that reflected you alone.
It’s now a chance that I caught only a little of,
Like the reflection of the days when I seem like I’ll tumble down.


Tsukaisutete ikitai yo
Nariyamanai kinou  kotae kara  nigeta
Kimi ga shita you ni kietai yo
Yugande wa modoru  miren no you na  furasshubakku

Kirai  dare demo nakute kimi ga utsurikonda kono shikai ga
Ima  wazuka ni tsukanda kikai
Korogeochiru you na hibi no eizou mo


鳴り止まない昨日 答えから 逃げた
歪んでは戻る 未練のような フラッシュバック

嫌い 誰でもなくて君が映り込んだこの視界が
今 わずかに掴んだ機会

4 thoughts on “school food punishment – over

  1. Thank you a lot! ^_^

    They make so good lyrics.. =)

  2. thank you for the translation ^^

  3. Short but one of my favorite songs by them.
    Thank you! <3

  4. I want to cry. You seriously don’t know how much I love this song. Thank-you so much for translating it :)

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