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KOKIA – Chinmoku

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KOKIA, c/w Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2 Transparent

The first thing I thought when I heard this was that it sounded like the beginning of “Nagisa” from Clannad (the Ma-Na erhu version).

This really feels like Ein’s point of view.

Lyrics: KOKIA
Composition / Arrangement: Nanase Hikaru
Vocals: KOKIA

I can’t forget the ones I love.
Without telling anyone, I only watch over them.
I was relieved, and then it comes to this –
I scream within the silence.
If I can meet you one more time…
I’ll be in a simulation that’s the same time after time.

The world is something like loneliness.
Within the masses of people,
I’m unable to grasp only a single figure – yours.

If this was you, what would you do?

The quiet pain… continues on and on… continues to you… this feeling.

Lyrics: KOKIA
Composition / Arrangement: Nanase Hikaru

Aisuru hito wo wasurerarenai
Dare ni mo tsugezu   tada mimamoru dake de
Yokatta to   ima ni natte
Chinmoku no naka de sakebu
Mou ichido kimi ni aeru no nara…
Nando mo onaji   shimyureeshon

Sekai wa kodoku   sono mono no you
Konna ni afurekaeru hito no naka ni
Tatta hitori   kimi no sugata  toraerarezu   kotoba wo nakusu

Kimi nara dou suru

Shizuka na itami   zutto tsudzuku   kimi e tsudzuku   omoi


誰にも告げず ただ見守るだけで
良かったっと 今になって
何度も同じ シミュレーション

世界は孤独 そのもののよう
たった1人 君の姿 捕らえられず 言葉を無くす


静かな痛み ずっと続く 君へ続く 想い

One thought on “KOKIA – Chinmoku

  1. Hontoni Agrigatou. I was searching for this lyric and I seem to go nowhere until I got here. May all the good luck follow you

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