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VELTPUNCH – Hachigatsu no Butter

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VELTPUNCH, a huge mistake

The “Hachigatsu” in the title has also been romanized as “8gatsu.” I’m not even entirely sure that “Bataa” is supposed to mean “Butter.” This whole song was hard to interpret.

August Butter
music: Hidenori Naganuma
words: Hidenori Naganuma
arrangement: VELTPUNCH

Color is made transparent by the sun – yin’s ability.
Even today, do I understand
That there’s nothing?

If we let great satisfaction be a ten,
Sex with you would be a one or a two.
In truth, it’s because Tokyo is noisy
That my boredom is nearly at its limit.

So everything’s gone

The world that passed through my experience is your image.
It’s melody made by deeply breathing in the exhaust.

Even if sympathetic love is good,
It must be far from a rescue of human rights.
In truth, it’s because rock music is getting boring
That my imagination is becoming poor.

So everything’s gone

Hachigatsu no Bataa
music: Naganuma Hidenori
words: Naganuma Hidenori
arrangement: VELTPUNCH

Taiyou ni sukeru karaa   in no abiritii
Kyou datte wakatte itaro?
Nani mo nai tte

Oomanzoku wo kari ni juu to shitara
Kimi to no SEX nante ichi ka ni kurai desu
Hontou souzoushii toukyou no sei de
Atashi no kentai wa mou genkai sunzen desu

So everything’s gone

Taiken wo koeta sekai   kimi no imeeji
Haikigasu wo shinkokyuu shite   dekita merodii

Doujouteki na ai wo yoshi to shite mo
Jinken kyuusai ni wa doutei tooi you desu
Hontou taikutsu naru ROCK MUSIC no sei de
Atashi no souzou mo mazushiku naru you desu

So everything’s gone

music: 長沼秀典
words: 長沼秀典/中島愛子
arrangement: VELTPUNCH

太陽に透けるカラー 陰のアビリティー


So everything’s gone

体験を超えた世界 君のイメージ
排気ガスを深呼吸して 出来たメロディー

本当退屈なるROCK MUSICのせいで

So everything’s gone

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