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Denpa teki na Kanojo – door


Rumika, Denpa teki na Kanojo ED2

Lyrics: Rumika & Baby
Composition / Arrangement: Ittai
Vocals: Rumika

I was alone; it was always like that then.
I wanted to erase myself.
In the corner of the classroom where I didn’t belong,
I bore sins that I didn’t even know.

I was anxious; I was scared.
I wanted to open this closed door
If I could find the courage to talk to you.

If just living on hurts this much,
I don’t care what the truth is anymore.
When I remember your voice that I search for when it’s painful, I want to meet you.

Was I wrong, those days when I blamed myself?
I lost my place of refuge.
I gave up, thinking tomorrow wouldn’t come,
And I wrote my final letter.

When I looked up that day, a gentle rain was falling.
They seemed just like tears you cried for me.

I didn’t realize that just living on would become your happiness.
Thank you for sending that message to me.

I understand now.
I knew pain, and I knew great kindness.
If I believe in myself and walk on, I can get away the past.
I know my future depends on myself.

If just living on means this much,
I can do it; I can still pass through. I won’t lose tomorrow.

Someday I’ll smile and tell you, “I’ve realized that life is something important.”

Lyrics: Rumika & Beibii
Composition / Arrangement: Ittai

Hitori datta  ano koro wa itsumo
Jibun wo keshitakute
Ibasho no nai  kyoushitsu no sumi de
Shiranai tsumi sae mo owasare

Kuyashikute  kowakute
Shimekitta door wo
Itsuka anata ni hanasu  yuuki ga areba akete hoshikute

Tada  ikite iku koto ga  konna ni mo itai koto nara
Shinjitsu ga nanika nante  mou dou demo ii yo
Tsurakute sagasu anata no koe wo  omoidasu to aitaku naru

Machigatteru?  jibun wo semeta hi
Nigeba wo ushinatte
Akirameteta  ashita wa konai to
Saigo no tegami wo kakihajimeta…

Miagereba  yasashiku ame ga furu hi deshita
Sore wa marude anata ga  atashi no tame ni nagashita namida

Tada  ikite iru koto ga  anata no shiawase ni naru to
Kidzukanakatta, tsutaete kurete arigatou.

Ima wa wakaru yo
Itami wo shitte  ookina yasashisa wo shitta
Jibun wo shinji  aruite yukeba  kako kara nukedaseru
Mirai wa jibun shidai to

Tada  ikite iru koto ga  konna ni mo imi ga aru nara
Dekiru yo  mou koerareru  asu mo makenai yo

Itsuka anata ni waratte iu yo  kidzuita no ikiru koto ga taisetsu da to…


独りだった あの頃はいつも
居場所のない 教室の隅で

悔しくて 怖くて
いつかあなたに話す 勇気があれば開けて欲しくて

ただ 生きて行く事が こんなにも痛い事なら
真実が何かなんて もうどうでもいいよ
辛くて探すあなたの声を 思い出すと会いたくなる

間違ってる? 自分を責めた日
あきらめてた 明日は来ないと

見上げれば 優しく雨が降る日でした
それはまるであなたが あたしの為に流した涙

ただ 生きている事が あなたの幸せになると

傷みを知って 大きな優しさを知った
自分を信じ 歩いて行けば 過去から抜け出せる

ただ 生きている事が こんなにも意味があるなら
できるよ もう越えられる 明日も負けないよ

いつかあなたに笑って言うよ 気づいたの生きる事が大切だと・・・

11 thoughts on “Denpa teki na Kanojo – door

  1. I <3 you

  2. Thanks a lot, man! Do you have the 1st single in the same quality or higher (lossless, I mean)? Or could you tell me where I can find it, please?

    • The first ED was released on an album – “hug” by tenohira. As far as I know, it hasn’t made it online except for the actual ED song (mp3, 320kbps), which I’ve uploaded to mediafire (link is at the lyrics page) and gendou.

  3. Thanks again man. I’ve downloaded the whole album from the other place.
    Have a nice day

  4. Oh wait. Seems like I’ve downloaded the wrong album =_=

  5. Hmm, look, could you upload the lossless version of the 2nd ED?
    And without using burst mode in EAC.
    I would be very grateful

    • Er… Sorry, but what’s burst mode? >_>

      • Burst mode is the mode in EAC that uses no error correction during the ripping process. Though in this mode the ripping process will be faster.
        Well, actually you can rip it as you want. Just let it be the lossless rip.
        Also, If you don’t know what burst mode is I would suggest you to use Easy CD-DA Extractor – it’s much easer and great for ripping If you don’t wanna make exact bite-to-bite copy of a CD (in most cases there is no need to make such exact copy). All you have to do is choose flac as an output format and set mode#1 or #2 for AccurateCDDA reading in >Setting>Drive.
        Thank you :)

  6. Yay! Thank you very much, man! :)
    Have a nice day!

  7. thank you xzx. Great single!

  8. Any chance the FLAC version can be re-uploaded? This single seems to be generally absent from the internet like you said, thanks!

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