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8 thoughts on “Touhou 4 – Bad Apple!!

  1. Wow wish i could play the piano like that O-o

  2. Absolutely wonderful :O

    By any chance, do you have sheet music for that, and if you do, could you send it to me? :D

  3. Do u no where to get the hard version of bad apple? This 1 is the easy version ><

    • If you mean “easy version” as in the 東方ピアノEasyモード transcription, this isn’t it.

      If you mean “hard version” as in the arrangement of the Alstroemeria remix, this is the only one I know of with sheet music: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JZT220QZ

      If you’re thinking of something else, then I can’t help you, sorry.

  4. such a beautiful song, and such amazing piano playing :)

  5. This may seem a silly thing to ask, but do you know of anywhere that I can get the chords to the Alstroemeria remix of Bad Apple? I have the sheet music arranged for piano, but I also need some form of chord sheet.


  6. can i have the keys like ABC pls

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