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school food punishment – Futari Umi no Soko

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school food punishment, Riff-rain

Apparently, this was the ending theme of this one TV series in Japan, Joshidaisei Kaikeishi no Jikenbo (“feedback” was the opening). I’ll look into it some more sometime.

The Two of Us at the Bottom of the Sea
school food punishment

When I tried untying the ropes of yesterday, they loosened up.
The expression of the dark sea is an invisible wild beast.

The two of us exchange glances;
We come together and get on track – I saw that in a dream.

Yesterday, I read a book and got worked up for nothing.
I go on living, and just like that, I sink into the evening.

The two of us sway.
Pausing, becoming a memory, someday, it’ll deepen.
The two of us touched.
Putting us into a mold doesn’t work very well – now, to the bottom of the sea.

I want to collect the phrases I swallowed and spit them out.
In the morning, the two of us spin our wheels in air.
“You’ll really go back?” with a question mark –
With an insolent answer, straight to the sea…

The two of us sing.
On a high, turning into bubbles, we flew through the sky.
The two of us are bound together.
Turning into water, becoming the ideal, I burst out and said it.

The two of us – the two who sing the song, the two who play it out –
Going into midday, becoming one, now, the bottom of the sea…

Futari Umi no Soko

Kinou wo  hodoite  mitara  hotsureta
Kurai umi no hyoujou  minai mama no moujuu

Futari  miau
Mure ni natte  kidou ni notteku  yume wo mitari shita

Kinou  hon wo mite  muda ni  ikimaita
Kurashi  sono toori  yuube no you ni shizumi

Futari  yuragu
Togirechatte  kioku ni natte  itsuka  wa fukaku
Futari  fureta
Umaku ikanai  kata ni hamatte  ima  umi no soko e

Nomikonda fureezu  matomete hakitai
Asa ni wa futari  karamawari
Hontou ni kaeru?  gimonfu wo narabe
Furachi na kotae de  massugu umi e

Futari  utau
Hai ni natte  kihou ni natte  sora datte tonda
Futari  musubu
Mizu ni natte  risou ni natte  fukidashite ieta

Futari  uta utau futari  kanaderu futari
Hiru ni natte  hitotsu ni natte  ima  umi no soko


昨日 ほどいて みたら ほつれた
暗い海の表情 見ないまま猛獣

二人 見合う
群れになって 軌道に乗ってく 夢をみたりした

昨日 本を見て 無駄に 息巻いた
暮らし その通り 夕べのように沈み

二人 揺らぐ
途切れちゃって 記憶になって いつか は深く
二人 触れた
うまくいかない 型にはまって 今 海の底へ

飲み込んだフレーズ まとめて吐きたい
朝には二人 空回り
本当に帰る? 疑問符を並べ
不埒な答えで まっすぐ海へ

二人 唄う
ハイになって 気泡になって 空だって飛んだ
二人 結ぶ
水になって 理想になって 吹き出して言えた

二人 歌唄う二人 奏でる二人
昼になって 一つになって 今 海の底

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