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school food punishment – amp-reflection


school food punishment’s first full-length album, in my opinion, is a huge success.

01. signal – “signal” is an introductory track with no vocals. There seems to be little organization, if any – each instrument/sound seems to play independently. This is just the introduction, after all, though; I guess it just needs to set the mood, and it does so fairly well.

02. goodblue – And so we come to the first “real” new song. “goodblue” reminds me of some of the more prominent songs from the mini-albums – “you may crawl” and “pool” in particular – but the sound is also similar to “future nova”. I really like the rhythm. Very catchy.

Another note: it’s interesting to hear Yumi singing more English words – setting aside “transient”, we’ve only heard that in “sea-through communication”.

03. butterfly swimmer – Still one of my favorites.

04. future nova-album edit- – Another nice song that we’ve already heard. It gives me a sense of moving along without stopping, and I think the complete ending lends itself better to that atmosphere than a simple fadeout.

05. Densha, Suberiochiru, Headphone – Interesting. Some of the sound effects are kind of odd (the claps stand out among others). The song is kind of jarring to listen to, with things like the aforementioned sound effects and that part from 2:36-3:00. It’s fun, though.

06. light prayer – A-side, still nice, etc. I think this was the band’s most fast-paced song before “line” (coming up later).

07. after laughter – A-side, still nice, etc. The sound is a bit different from the other songs, with the more synth-led sound and all, and the connection to Eden of the East is enhanced as a result. I feel like it’ll make a very nice “happy end” type theme for the movie – the song just radiates hope.

08. 04:59 – I really like this song. The piano, in particular, is awesome. The whole song kind of envelops me with its atmosphere.

09. Kakenukeru – This may well be my favorite new track of the album. The strings work with sfp’s style in a way that’s completely different from how they’re used in “futuristic imagination”. This sounds like a song that would be great for listening to while in motion with no concrete destination. “Biru no tanima wo high speed, high speed~”

10. futuristic imagination-album version- – For the album, “futuristic imagination” now has a new, slower introduction with strings before the original. One of the things that I liked about the original introduction was how well the strings and the airplane sound transitioned into the rest of the song; the new introduction, on the other hand, is just there on its own – it doesn’t feel all that integrated into the song. Not that it’s bad, of course; I just find it a little odd. Other than that, there are no changes from the great song that the original is.

11. line – This one really surprised me.

Let me step away from “line” for a moment and tell a little story about the first time I thoughtfully listened to “loop, share”. It started off pretty normal – I liked the piano, as usual, and I enjoyed the dark tone. The screaming keyboard solo caught me so off guard that it was almost disturbing.

“line” is like they took the essence of that keyboard solo, cranked the chaos up to eleven, and poured it into a mold shaped like “flow”. It’s very cool. It’s not necessarily my favorite track on the album, but it’s just… wow.

12. Percentage – I wasn’t expecting to hear such a mellow song here; it came across quite well with me. Comparing it to sfp’s other slow-paced songs, I like the atmosphere better than “Kemuri ni Shiro”, and it’s much more interesting than “Aimai ni Soreru” and “Tooku no Hako no Naka”.

13. sea-through communication – I can’t really say I liked the song much when it came out, but it’s grown on me a little. I think it’s because of how cute the lyrics are.

…And there we go. Not one song on the album disappointed me.

Translations will be coming shortly.

6 thoughts on “school food punishment – amp-reflection

  1. Thank you.
    Read your review while listening to the album, song by song.
    Insightful and on base.

  2. Do you have the lyrics for &/or know where to locate the lyrics of “Transient” by School Food?

    I know it’s mostly-if not all-in English, but I can’t make everything out.

    Please help me if you can!!

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