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Angel Beats! – Crow Song


Girls Dead Monster, Angel Beats! insert song (episode 1)

I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t let Miyuki Sawashiro sing, but marina’s vocals are decent. The song is perfect for the scene in which it plays.

I was slightly more liberal in my translation for certain parts to help preserve the rhythm. I like how it turned out.

Crow Song
Lyrics / Composition: Jun Maeda
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo
Vocals: Iwasawa (marina)

There’s a wall of shutters behind me.
My fingertips smell like steel.
Move ahead! Strum those strings! It’s crowded, at any rate.
Find a way from here.
You’ll find what you’re looking for.
Let’s rock out and play on.
Gaze into the distance
Inside this city where you can’t even take a breather.

The starry sky is the best stage of them all.
The crows cry out, “Caw, caw,” above me.
I’m always thinking of them. I wonder when they’ll go to sleep.
Find a way – I will too,
In a song for me to sing out.
Rock out and let it echo.
With the crows, I’ll sing out.

How long will I exist in this place?
I feel like there were people who once said that.
If you’re only going to say annoying things,
Let the jet black wings carry you away and just disappear.

With all my power, I’m about to collapse.
My fingers are worn out and in pain,
But, still, I’ll perform. Tonight will be a big story.
Find a way from here.
You’ll find what you’re looking for.
Let’s rock out and play on.
I’ll take my luck and sing it out.

No matter how long, I’ll exist here
Within all the people who pass through.
On this stage enclosed in the darkness,
I sing my poem of hope right now.
Even you must also be tired.
I want to send this to that back of yours –
From within the pitch darkness,
The song of light that gleams with hope…
Yes, that song…

Crow Song
Lyrics / Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo
Vocals: Iwasawa (marina)

Haigo ni wa shattaa no kabe
Yubisaki wa tetsu no nioi
Susume  hajike  dono michi komu desho
find a way koko kara
found out mitsukeru
rock wo kanadero
Tooku wo misuero
Ikitsugi sae dekinai machi no naka

Hoshizora ga saikou no butai
Karasutachi kaakaa to naku yo
Itsumo omou yo  itsu neteru ndaro
find a way atashi mo
song for utau yo
rock wo hibikase
crow to utau yo

Itsu made konna tokoro ni iru?
Sou iu yatsu mo ita ki ga suru
Urusai koto dake iu no nara
Shikkoku no hane ni sarawarete kiete kure

Zenryoku de mou taoresou da
Yubi mo surikirete itai
Demo ne   yaru yo   konya mo biggu na sutoorii
find a way koko kara
found out mitsukeru
rock wo kanadero
luck wo utau yo

Itsu made datte koko ni iru yo
Toorisugite yuku hito no naka
Yami ni tozasareta suteeji de
Ima kibou no uta uta yo
Anata datte tsukareteru desho
Sono senaka ni mo todoketai yo
Konna kurayami no naka kara no
Kibou terasu hikari no uta wo
Sono uta wo

Crow Song
歌:岩沢 (marina)

進め 弾け どのみち混むでしょ
find a way ここから
found out 見つける

いつも思うよ いつ寝てるんだろ
find a way あたしも
song for 歌うよ


でもね 演るよ 今夜もビッグなストーリー
find a way ここから
found out 見つける


5 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – Crow Song

  1. wow, i just got this song and planning to romanize this…

    but you’re already finished, and with the translation too. @_@

    we both run the same topic in our blog eh? maybe we can be friends :)

    and, thank you for the lyric and the translation, man :3

  2. Oh, man! You are great! Thanks a lot for the lyrics.

  3. wah thank you for the lyrics! I’ll link back this! XD

  4. Thanks for the lyrics (: but I think instead of “find a way”. It’s “fly away” o:
    As well, I was rewatching the anime today and they said it was “from now mitsukeru” as opposed to “found out”. Now I know Jun Maeda’s translations Arent that good. I was just wondering, please don’t flame at me. When marina sings, it sounds like “from now”. But when LiSa sings, it sounds like “found out”. I’m just not sure. Sorry to waste your time with this hugeass paragraph if you read it. o__o

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