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school food punishment – amp-reflection DVD (Preview)


So my copy of amp-reflection arrived in the mail last week, and I noticed that the bonus DVD featured some commentary from the band. I still haven’t deciphered all of it (they talk pretty fast), but I thought I’d share some interesting information that stuck with me.

-Yamasaki (the bassist) describes the motions for the bass intro in “goodblue” as crablike.
-The basic idea of “butterfly swimmer” has been in existence for several years.
-“Densha, Suberiochiru, Headphone” had those strange sound effects mostly because of Hasuo’s (the keyboardist’s) ideas, which involved iPhones.
-“04:59” is about being drunk and not wanting the morning to come, about starting to sober up but not wanting to.
-Yamasaki did the backing vocals for “Kakenukeru.” He never expected that they would have a part with his voice alone (the “high speed” before the last chorus).
-Yamasaki was initially amazed at the difficulty of his part in “line”.
-Yumi Uchimura (the vocalist/lyricist) cried while writing the lyrics for “Percentage”.

5 thoughts on “school food punishment – amp-reflection DVD (Preview)

  1. huh… now I really want to see the lyrics translated.

    (Not implying anything)

    *walks away while whistling*

  2. Thanks for this! My cd still hasn’t arrived! :(

  3. Thanks for this avance! I luv SFP~ I follow you for weeks. Don’t worry, I don’t bite x3.

    I’ll waiting your translation as usually :3


  4. =___=
    when I ordered mine the limited edition was already sold out. ;___;

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