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So right now, it’s dead week. I’ve been busy, so I haven’t been able to update much lately; sorry about that, especially to those of you who are waiting for amp-reflection.

I’ve found a little bit of time before I need to start studying for finals, so I thought I’d use it to write down where things stand right now. Please read this; there are also some questions I’d like to ask regarding certain large projects I’d like to start.


Right now, my top priorities are Spring 2010 anime-related songs, followed by amp-reflection. I may put some stuff out over the next two weeks, but it probably won’t be much. Once I finish that, I’ll be working through my considerable backlog.


Almost all of the Umi Monogatari DVDs have come into my possession. The next release should be the first of the Marin specials (the one that had the guy on TT raving about Ooshima in hadaka apron), then the first of the Kanon specials. I’d like to say that 13 in higher quality would be next, but I’m really not good with encoding; doing the main series episodes involves cropping and stuff that I don’t really know how to handle yet. I may send out a recruitment notice later.

Audio Drama

My first priority here is the Umi Monogatari drama CD (now widely available thanks to Celonius28). The Higurashi Kai drama from Keiichi and Satoshi’s character CD should be next. Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and Hatsukoi Limited stuff may come out whenever.

I may do Gunslinger Girl Sonoro if I get caught up with the manga.

I’ve picked up Railgun Archives and Katanagatari BD bonus audiobooks by request.

A request: if anyone happens to have the Houkago Play or kure-nai drama CDs, please upload.

Light Novels

Ah, here’s what I wanted to talk about most. I think I’m going to have considerable time to spend this summer, so I’ve decided to take up some larger projects. Of the following three, which would you like to see translated the most?

-Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
-kure-nai + Denpa teki na Kanojo

I may or may not consider the answers when deciding on what to work on. I may or may not work on more than one of these.

Also, outside those, I’m definitely translating the Umi Monogatari bonus novels that come with the DVDs. (I’m basically translating everything related to that series. Except maybe the manga; the artwork is eyecancer.)

2 thoughts on “05/04/10

  1. Tough choice between Durarara!! and Ichiban…though I’d probably pick Durarara, since I’m more familiar with that series. I dunno…

    And when you say “Houkago Play”, do you mean the K-ON! radio series? Because it’s on Nipponsei under the name “Radion”.

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