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Eiko Shimamiya – Carnelian no Kanaderu Yume

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Eiko Shimamiya, O

I created the text file for this translation on October 17, 2008. Transcription was complete as of April 14, 2009. Total time: 591 days.

I honestly don’t know what the significance of the song title is. Even my translation of the title is kind of iffy. (I do know, though, that I mean “play” in the sense of playing an instrument.)

This song is… comforting.

The Dream Played on the Carnelian
Words & Music by Eiko Shimamiya
Arranged by Jyunpei Fujita
Vocals by Eiko Shimamiya

Kick away everything that stands in your way.
Aim at the sky and kick it up!

Your lame way of life is exposed, but even then, I love everything about you.
I’ll love you at any time.

You’re only human. There will be times when you make mistakes.
Don’t blame yourself for that.
If you want me to comfort you, I’ll hug you as much as you want.
If you don’t use love here,
I have no idea where you should,

So it’s all right.
You and I will be all right like this.

Even if you’re one of those stars
That’s finally disappearing, with your name unknown,

I’m looking at you. I love all of your quiet light,
The dream played on the carnelian.

You’re only human. There will be times when life is chasing you down.
“Why? Why?” you say, holding your head in your hands,
And you try to obtain only unobtainable things,
But whether your heart lies in the wilderness
Or in the bustling city,

It’s all right,
Because no clouds will stay.

It shines deeper, far deeper than the heart.
Let’s see an innocent dream of the soul.
You, who know yourself better than anyone, are laughing in that place.
After that, any wish will come true,
So don’t doubt a single shard of it.

That’s all right.
It’s something you decided yourself, so that will be all right.

Kaanerian no Kanaderu Yume
Words & Music by Shimamiya Eiko
Arranged by Fujita Junpei

Kette yuke   kimi no jama suru mono zenbu
Sora megakete keriagete shimae

Kakkowarui ikizama wo sarasu kimi mo zenbu suki
Donna toki datte suki nanda

Ningen da mon   machigau koto datte aru
Sonna jibun wo semenaide
Nagusamete hoshii nara   nando demo dakishimete ageru
Ai wo   koko de tsukawanakya
Ittai doko de tsukaeba ii no ka wakaranai

Dakara ii nda
Atashi mo kimi mo   kono mama de ii nda

Namae mo shirarenai mama tsui ni
Kieyuku hoshi no hitotsu da to shite mo

Miteru yo   shizuka na kimi no hikari ga zenbu suki
Kaanerian no kanaderu yume

Ningen da mon   oisugaru koto datte aru
Doushite? doushite? tte atamakakaete
Te ni hairanai mono bakari wo te ni ireyou to suru kedo
Kimi no kokoro kouya no naka ni atte mo
Hishimeku machi no naka ni atte mo

Sore de ii nda
Todomaritsudzukeru   kumo wa nai kara

Kokoro yori   zutto zutto oku ni kagayaku
Tamashii no mujaki na yume wo miyou
Dare yori mo kimi wo shiru kimi ga sono basho de waratteru
Soshite donna negai mo kanau kara
Hitokakera mo utagawanai de

Sore de ii nda
Kimi ga kimeta koto   sono mama de ii nda

Words & Music by 島みやえい子
Arranged by 藤田淳平

蹴って行け 君の邪魔するもの全部


人間だもん 間違う事だってある
なぐさめて欲しいなら 何度でも抱きしめてあげる
愛を ここで使わなきゃ

だから いいんだ
あたしも君も このままでいいんだ


見てるよ 静かな君の光が全部好き

人間だもん 追いすがる事だってある

とどまり続ける  雲は無いから

心より ずっとずっと奥に輝く

きみが決めたこと そのままでいいんだ

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