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Choshinsei feat. EЯY – Ai Uta


Choshinsei feat. EЯY, Last Kiss; collected in ★★★★★★

This is a cover of the original “Ai Uta” by GReeeeN, with an additional rap verse at the end. I also translated the singing parts for completion.

I’m curious as to who arranged this, but I can’t seem to find the information.

A note on kanji follows the translation.

Love Song
Lyrics: GReeeeN / Additional Lyrics: FALCO
Composition: GReeeeN
Vocals: Choshinsei feat. EЯY

“Dear you, my love…” Please listen, and don’t laugh.
The words “I love you” are kind of clumsy,
But there are no other words I can use to tell you.
Hey! You’re making fun of me – you laughed again!

Are you happy that the path of life you chose led to being here with me? I don’t know the answer, but…

Just that I can cry and laugh and spend my days
Just standing here next to you –
That fact will become the meaning for my life.
I offer you this song of love.

“Hey, what did we talk about that day?”
We were so reserved on the day we first met.
Since then, we’ve gone through many things; we’ve even had some fights.
We spent that time so we could get to know each other.

We met under this spacious sky and fell in love forever.

Just that I can cry and laugh and spend my days
Just standing here next to you –
That fact will become the meaning for my life.
I offer you this song of love.

I’m sorry for always causing you trouble.
We’ve gone through densely packed times.
The two of us have passed the days.
The feelings that have built up are growing stronger.
I’ll give you this awkward song.
“I love you so much!” I’ll swear that to God.
From now on, I’ll be holding your hand.

My voice will always sing out my love
From here next to you to as far as it continues.
Once we’ve grown old and my voice withers away,
I’ll just always hold your hand.

Just a “Thank you” isn’t enough to tell you.
Let’s live on smiling through our tears, sharing both joy and sorrow.
Crossing through countless nights,
Let’s sing out love together.

For some reason, I can’t find the words, but I want to get some message to you.
At the bus stop where I chased after you that night, you laughed at the me from back then.
I’m waiting for my next words to come.
For something like my love for you,
Cheap words won’t reach your heart. Tell me, God, what should I do?
This road we’ve walked down together until now, the days we’ll walk through together from now,
The meaning of how we’ve always walked together hand-in-hand without letting go –
They won’t turn into words, so I’m embarrassed in front of you, but the title of the song I give to you
Is the “Love Song” I want to reach you, a song for the two us that’ll continue from here.

-Verse 2: The vocals use the words ミチ (michi, “path”) and ココ (koko, “here”) to describe the speaker’s question regarding his lover’s choice and destination, but the written lyrics use the words 人生 (jinsei, “life”) and 僕 (boku, “me”).

Ai Uta
Lyrics: GReeeeN / Additional Lyrics: FALCO
Composition: GReeeeN
Vocals: Choushinsei feat.EЯY

“Nee, daisuki na kimi e” warawanai de kiite kure
“Aishiteru” da nante kusai kedo ne
Dakedo   kono kotoba igai   tsutaeru koto ga dekinai
Hora ne! mata baka ni shite waratta yo ne

Kimi no eranda michi wa koko de yokatta no ka? nante   wakaranai kedo,,,

Tada   naite   waratte   sugosu hibi ni
Tonari ni tatte   ireru koto de
Boku ga ikiru   imi ni natte
Kimi ni sasagu   kono ai no uta

“Nee, ano hi no bokura nan no hanashi wo shiteta?”
Hajimete atta hi ni   yosoyososhiku
Are kara iroiro atte   toki ni wa kenka mo shite
Wkaraiau tame no toki sugoshita ne

Kono hiroi bokura sora no shita   deatte koi wo shite itsumade mo

Tada   naite   waratte   sugosu hibi ni
Tonari ni tatte   ireru koto de
Kimi to ikiru   imi ni natte
Kimi ni sasagu   kono ai no uta

Itsumo meiwaku wo kakete gomen ne
Mitsudo koi jikan wo sugoshita ne
Bokura futari   hibi wo kizami
Tsukuriagete kita omoitsunori
Hetakuso na uta wo kimi ni okurou
“Mechakucha suki da!” to kami ni chikaou
Kore kara mo kimi no te wo nigitteru yo

Boku no koe ga   tsudzuku kagiri
Tonari de zutto   ai wo utau yo
Toshi wo totte   koe ga karete kitara
Zutto   te wo nigiru yo

Tada arigatou ja   tsutaekirenai
Nakiwarai to kanashimi yorokobi wo tomo ni wakachiai ikite yukou
Ikutsu mo no   yoru wo koete
Boku wa kimi to   ai wo utaou

Nazeka kotoba ga mitsukaranakute   demo kimi ni nanika tsutaetakute
Oikakete kita yoru no basutei   sonna boku wo kimi ni waratte
Boku no tsugi no kotoba wo matteru
Kimi no koto aishite iru nante
Yasui kotoba ja   kimi no kokoro ni todokanai   oshiete kamisama   dou shitara ii?
Ima made futari de aruite kita michi   kore kara futari de aruite iku hibi
Zutto futari de   aruku kimi to boku ga hanarezu ni te wo tsunagu imi
Kotoba ni naranai kara kimi ni terekusai kedo   okuru uta no taitoru wa
Kimi ni todoketai ai no uta   kore kara mo tsudzuku futari no uta

歌:超新星 feat.EЯY

だけど この言葉以外 伝える事が出来ない

君の選んだ人生は僕で良かったのか?なんて 分からないけど、、、

ただ 泣いて 笑った 過ごす日々に
隣に立って 居れることで
僕が生きる 意味になって
君に捧ぐ この愛の唄

初めて逢った日に よそよそしく
あれから色々あって 時にはケンカもして

この広い僕ら空の下 出逢って恋をしていつまでも

ただ 泣いて 笑って 過ごす日々に
隣に立って 居れることで
君と生きる 意味になって
君に捧ぐ この愛の唄

僕ら2人 日々を刻み

僕の声が 続く限り
隣でずっと 愛を唄うよ
歳をとって 声が枯れてきたら
ずっと 手を握るよ

ただアリガトウじゃ 伝えきれない
いくつもの 夜を越えて
僕は君と 愛を唄おう

何故か言葉が見つからなくて でも君に何か伝えたくて
追いかけてきた夜のバス停 そんな僕を君は笑って
安い言葉じゃ 君の心に届かない 教えて神様 どうしたらいい?
今まで二人で歩いてきた道 これから二人で歩いていく日々
ずっと二人で 歩く君と僕が離れずに手をつなぐ意味
言葉にならないから君に照れくさいけど 贈る歌のタイトルは
君に届けたい愛の唄 これからも続く二人の唄

Kanji source: uta-net

2 thoughts on “Choshinsei feat. EЯY – Ai Uta

  1. arrangement by Daisuke Kahara
    thanks for translating Choshinsei’s songs!!!!
    keep it up!!!
    i’m waiting for Aikotoba lyrics! ^^

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