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Angel Beats! – God Bless You


Girls Dead Monster STARRING marina, Last Song

I should say now that I’m not very confident in my translation here. I’m still not sure if I’m hearing the right message from the song. I don’t think I made any critical errors, so I decided to go ahead and post now; but even so, I will need some more time to think over the lyrics before I can understand the meaning (of the song, not just the words).

God Bless You
Vocals: marina
Lyrics / Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo

With laughter being out of my character, I was listening carefully,
With my chin in my hands, to the noise of the afternoon.
As they slowly approach and then disappear,
I’ve just been watching the people that are like so many ripples.
If it would be conveyed even a little, I could write the meaning for why we’re here.
With rain outside, I wrote my song inside the classroom.

Laugh; cry and shout; go on, all of you.
That’s what I’m singing here and now.
Laugh as well as you can, like you’re having fun. The continuation won’t come out here.
It’s already cleared up outside, but I’m here.

I’ve gradually gotten used to seeing these days.
Friends run along; when one falls down, everyone else laughs.
The shockingly peaceful past that we rushed our lives through
Must have been tiring. I want to rest forever…
Things aren’t bad like this,
But that way, I won’t achieve anything.
I want to turn this into a life with a meaning.

Laugh; cry and shout; go on; I will, too.
That’s what I’m shouting here and now.
In what way do I need to spill my feelings so that I can disappear from here?
In what way do I need to forgive so that I can love those days?

“I think we can become stronger if we’re together.”
Words like that are weak – everyone is alone.
The autumn wind that seems to pierce through me is truly painful.
The legs that began to walk won’t move forward anymore.
I want the strength to not say, “Thank you.”
Someday, I’ll learn how to go on without saying anything.
I’ll start walking from here into all of the souls.
May God’s blessings come to you. God bless you!

Laugh; cry and shout; when it’s time for you to go.
I was standing completely still, all alone.
All alone, for just a little longer, I’ll cry, I’ll laugh,
On my way to days different from that one.

God Bless You
Vocals: marina
Lyrics / Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikari Shuuyou

Warau koto mo gara ja nakute sumashite kiiteta
Hoodzue wo tsuite   gogo no kensou
Yukkuri to chikadzuite kie
Kasanaru hamon no you na hitotachi wo zutto mite kita
Sukoshi demo tsutawattara   koko ni iru imi ga tsukureru
Soto wa ame   kyoushitsu de kyoku wo kaiteta

Waratte sa   nakisakende sa   yuke dare mo
Koko de ima sore wo utau kara
Tanoshisou ni umaku waratte yo   tsudzuki ga dete konai
Soto wa mou hareta kedo   atashi wa koko ni iru

Dandan minarete kita hibi
Kakete yuku nakama   koronde wa minna ni warawarete iru
Akireru hodo ni heion de   ikiisoida kako ni
Kitto tsukareteta   zutto yasundetai
Kono mama mo waruku nai
Demo sore ja nani mo nase wa shinai
Imi no aru seikatsu ni kaete misetai

Waratte sa   nakisakende sa   yuke atashi mo
Koko de ima sakende iru kara
Donna fuu ni kanjou koboshitara   koko kara kierareru
Donna fuu ni yurushitara   ano hibi wo aiseru

“Tsuyoku nareru to omou   futari dattara”
Sonna kotoba ga yowai   dare mo hitori da
Aki no sasu you na kaze ga hontou ni itai
Arukihajimeta ashi ga mou mae e denai
Arigatou wo iwanai   sonna tsuyosa ga hoshii
Nani mo iwazu ni yuku sube   itsuka mi ni tsukeru
Koko kara arukidasu   subete no tamashii ni
Kami no sukufuku yo are   God bless you

Waratte sa   nakisakende sa   yuku toki ni
Hitori dake tachitsukushite ita
Hitori dake mou sukoshi dake nakou   waraou
Ano hi to wa mata chigau hibi e

God Bless You

頬杖をついて 午後の喧噪
少しでも伝わったら ここに居る意味が作れる
外は雨 教室で曲を書いてた

笑ってさ 泣き叫んでさ ゆけ誰も
楽しそうに上手く笑ってよ 続きが出てこない
外はもう晴れたけど あたしはここに居る

駆けていく仲間 転んではみんなに笑われている
呆れるほどに平穏で 生き急いだ過去に
きっと疲れてた ずっと休んでたい

笑ってさ 泣き叫んでさ ゆけあたしも
どんなふうに感情零したら ここから消えられる
どんなふうに許したら あの日々を愛せる

「強くなれると思う ふたりだったら」
そんな言葉が弱い 誰もひとりだ
ありがとうを言わない そんな強さが欲しい
何も言わずにゆく術 いつか身につける
ここから歩き出す すべての魂に
神の祝福よあれ God bless you

笑ってさ 泣き叫んでさ ゆく時に
ひとりだけもう少しだけ泣こう 笑おう

2 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – God Bless You

  1. Good translation. From what I can see from the lyric the song seems to be a retelling of the years Iwasawa spent being the lead singer of GirlDemo, about her trying to find a purpose in being sent there to afterlife, being a part of the SSS, and eventually accepting her past life and finally finding a purposeful meaning in her life. the overall message seems to be less apparent compared to other songs from Iwasawa and the song for the most part seems to be autobiographic.

    • Ah, I thought it would be something like that, but I wasn’t entirely confident, considering I’m really only familiar with the Angel Beats! anime and not the manga or novels; I imagine there’s material on Iwasawa’s backstory that I just haven’t seen yet. Or maybe the song itself is where such a story would be rooted and I just have no confidence in my own skills.

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