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2010 Stats

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Well, I’m back. To simplify a somewhat long story, various issues led me to decide it was in my best interest to take a break and stop translating for a while. I was going to write a long post about 2010 upon return in the same way I did last year, but I had trouble bringing my self to write it, so I decided to try breaking it into pieces to kind of just ease myself back in.

Total hits

In 2010, this blog got a total of 106,263 page views,  up from 28,752 in 2009. Most views in a month: 11,800 in June, which also had the greatest number of posts in a month.

Top 10 translations

1. Bakemonogatari – Ren’ai Circulation (February 1, 2010), 1874
2. K-ON!! – U&I (September 4, 2010), 1795
3. Bakemonogatari – sugar sweet nightmare (March 2, 2010), 1618
4. Taimanin Asagi – Mugen Renga (February 2, 2009), 1397
5. Angel Beats! – Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.) (June 26, 2010), 1383
6. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – irony (October 3, 2010), 1229
7. Bakemonogatari – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (August 11, 2009), 1176
8. Kuragehime – Koko Dake no Hanashi (October 31, 2010), 1164
9. Angel Beats! – Brave Song (May 22, 2010), 1020
10. Angel Beats! – My Soul,Your Beats! (May 22, 2010), 983

So, we have Nadeko’s heart in the lead, followed by Yui’s sisterly love. Both of these probably made it to the lead due to overdose of cuteness and links from TVTropes.

Next is Tsubasa. I honestly didn’t like the song as much as the other Bakemonogatari OPs, but I can see how others would like it for the darker tone.

Taimanin Asagi anime’s OP drops from second to fourth, but considering it’s one of two songs on the list from 2009, that’s still pretty impressive. Looks like porn is as popular as ever. Chances are that people coming here are still looking for the anime itself.

Yui’s “Ichiban no Takaramono” made it to fifth, placing highest out of the Angel Beats! songs. I’m kind of sad that my Angel Beats! translations didn’t get that much traffic, considering I have all of them here, but I suppose there really aren’t that many people who go tracking down all of the image songs of a series.

Despite coming in October, OreImo’s “irony” got sixth. This is probably because I didn’t wait for the CD to come out to attempt the full translation, for once.

Bakemonogatari’s ED drops from third to seventh, but again, the fact that it’s from 2009 makes this impressive.

Kuragehime OP making eighth was pretty unexpected. It came really late in the year, and it didn’t seem to follow the usual trend of anime themes getting a ton of hits the first day then dropping off dramatically. It just seemed to get a consistently high number of views per day for the rest of the year.

Angel Beats! ED and OP make ninth and tenth, respectively. Nice.

Other stuff

The Projects, Requests, and Status pages all did pretty well, in that order. Not sure why Projects got so much; it never really changed significantly. I also didn’t expect very many requests, considering how this blog still seems to be a pretty obscure one. While Status, the page I like the most out of the three, got the fewest views, it did get exactly 1337 hits, heh.

The “Dear you” post is still as popular as ever, coming between second and third at 1691 views.

My review of school food punishment’s amp-reflection was surprisingly popular, coming just behind tenth at 934 views. It actually got more views that any particular song by the band… The most popular song was “flow”, at 504.

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