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Eiko Shimamiya – Perfect World

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Eiko Shimamiya, Perfect World

The nature sounds are a nice touch.

Perfect World
Lyrics: Shimamiya Eiko
Composition: Shimamiya Eiko
Arrangement: Eric Mouquet (DEEP FOREST)
Vocals: Shimamiya Eiko

There is something like ourselves in the scattering shapes, blown to and fro by the uncertain winds.
Like snow, the cherry blossoms dance and flutter down.
Even after a thousand years, on the branches of the tree trunk that spreads its roots here,
“This place is where we live, this place and nowhere else,” the flowers whispered.

They say that there is a place even higher than the sky, deep inside the heart.

That place is a perfect world.
There have been times when I have wished for paradise as I dragged my feet, alone, into the distance.

Perfect world…
I’m not afraid anymore. I’ll try believing in this inner world.

I can’t see my own figure all by myself, so you are a mirror to match me.
I try peering deep into those eyes.
The two of us are connected by wounds on our hearts that will someday begin to ache.
At the end of our grappling, it spilled from our hands; it broke and fell to the floor.

Anyone with a body temperature of 36 degrees can do it.

That is a perfect world.
That is enough for a miracle, if you pull in and embrace that arm you have in your grip,
Perfect world…
Such warmth… You are me – hug & kiss.

A new future where the moon and the sun can become one…

Perfect world…
Perfection is right here. There is not one thing lacking anywhere, as I lie in your embrace.
Perfect world…
I’m not afraid anymore. I’ll try believing in this inner world. Inner world…

Perfect World
Lyrics: Shimamiya Eiko
Composition: Shimamiya Eiko
Arrangement: Eric Mouquet (DEEP FOREST)

Chiriyuku sugata ni   jibun wo kasanete   mujou no kaze ni fukareru no
Hanafubuki ga harahara to maichiru yo
Issennen wo tate mo nao koko ni   ne wo haru miki no sono eda ni
Ikiru basho wa koko yo   koko shika nai to   hana ga sasayaita

Sora yori mo takai basho wa   mune no oku ni aru to iu

Soko ga Perfect world
Rakuen wo motome   tooku made hitori   kono ashi wo hikizutta koto mo aru

Perfect world
Mou kowaku nanka nai   shinjite miru no   inner world

Jibun no sugata wa   jibun ja mirarenai   dakara anata ga   awasekagami
Sono hitomi no oku wo nozokikonde miru
Kokoro no kizu de tsunagatteru futari   itsuka wa soko ga uzukidasu
Tsukamiai no hate ni te kara koborete   kudake yuka ni chitta

Dare datte sanjuurokudo mo   taion de dekite iru

Sore ga Perfect world
Sore dake de kiseki   washidzukami ni shiteta sono ude wo   hikiyosete dakiaeba
Perfect world
Nante atatakai   anata wa watashi   hug & kiss

Tsuki to taiyou   hitotsu ni nareru   arata na mirai

Perfect world
Kansei wa koko ni   tarinai mono nanka   hitotsu mo nai   doko ni mo nai   idakarete
Perfect world
Mou kowaku nanka nai shinjite miru no   inner world   inner world

Perfect World
編曲:Eric Mouquet (DEEP FOREST)

散りゆく姿に 自分を重ねて 無常の風に吹かれるの
一千年を経てもなおここに 根を張る幹のその枝に
生きる場所はここよ ここしかないと 花が囁いた

空よりも高い場所は 胸の奥にあるという

そこがPerfect world
楽園を求め 遠くまでひとり この足を引きずったこともある

Perfect world
もう怖くなんか無い 信じてみるの inner world

自分の姿は 自分じゃ見られない だからあなたが あわせ鏡
心の傷で繋がってるふたり いつかはそこがうずきだす
つかみ合いの果てに手からこぼれて 砕け床に散った

誰だって36度の 体温で出来ている

それがPerfect world
それだけで奇跡 鷲づかみにしてたその腕を 引き寄せて抱き合えば
Perfect world
なんて暖かい あなたは私 hug & kiss

月と太陽 ひとつになれる 新たな未来

Perfect world
完成はここに 足りないものなんか ひとつも無い どこにも無い 抱かれて
Perfect world
もう怖くなんか無い信じてみるの inner world inner world

One thought on “Eiko Shimamiya – Perfect World

  1. I’m so happy I found this site! Big fan of Eiko, and finding translations of her songs that aren’t anime related is really tough. Would you be translating more of the Perfect World mini album? I’d love to get translations of Yubi and Day by Day. Thank you for your hard work again :)

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