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Galileo Galilei – Swan


Galileo Galilei, c/w Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. OP Aoi Shiori

My god, this song… ;_;

Lyrics / Composition: Ozaki Yuuki
Arrangement: Galileo Galilei

As a duck, as a duck,
Barefoot, I tangled with you and grieved with you.
Until forever, until forever,
Part of me doesn’t want to feel the end.

A dazzling light, a dazzling light –
My flight feathers are spreading, spreading out.
It’s gotten painful, it’s gotten boring,
Somehow, ever since you became a swan.

Day by day, I seem to move closer to the sun.
I saw the psychosomatic clinic’s reception desk from the window to the side.
Moss grows on the watering can in the sandbox.
The swings that were swaying are tied into one.
The words “I’m here” would be a lie, wouldn’t they?

Come on, laugh. Laughing looks nicer,
Even if this will all be a mistake anyway.
Twisted wings, a bird that can’t fly –
The ones this city will forget are the flock of swans.

Day by day, I seem to move closer to the sun.
I’m buried in feathers that are falling out, and the present comes to an end.
Before long, my surroundings will grow dark.
The butterflies that gather at the street lamp will die.
The last ball I tossed around with you goes to the other side of the ocean.
Let’s pretend that I’ve gone crazy from being in the sun too long.
“We were here.” Please, keep those words, at least, from being a lie.
Your shadow that begins to vanish and my shadow that chases after yours
Are like ducks,
Just like ducks.

Lyrics / Composition: Ozaki Yuuki
Arrangement: Galileo Galilei

Ahiru no mama  ahiru no mama
Hadashi de kimi to karandari  nageitari shita
Itsu made mo  itsu made mo
Owari wo kanjitaku nai na  dokoka de

Mabayui hikari  mabayui hikari
Kazakiri no hane wo nobashite  nobashite yuku
Kurushiku natta shi  tsumaranaku natta shi
Kimi wa hakuchou ni natte sa  nanda ka

Taiyou ni chikadzuite iku you na mainichi to mainichi
Shinryou naika no uketsuke yoko no mado kara mieta
Sunaba no jouro ni koke ga musu
Yurete ita buranko wa hitotsu ni musubare
“Koko ni iru” nante kotoba wa uso ni naru ndarou na

Waratte hora  waratta hou ga
Douse machigai ni natte mo kirei ni mieru
Nejitta hane  tobanai tori
Kono machi ga wasurete yuku no wa  hakuchou no mure

Taiyou ni chikadzuite iku you na mainichi to mainichi
Nukete iku hane ni umorete  ima ga owatte iku
Itsu shika atari wa kuraku naru
Gaidou ni atsumaru chouchou wa shini
Kimi to saigo ni hotta booru wa umi no mukou e
Taiyou ni kogasarete  okashiku natta furi wo shiyou
“Koko ni ita” sono kotoba dake wa uso ni shinai de
Kiete yuku kimi no kage to oikakeru boku no kage wa
Ahiru no mama
Ahiru no mama de

編曲:Galileo Galilei

アヒルのまま アヒルのまま
裸足で君とからんだり 嘆いたりした
いつまでも いつまでも
終わりを感じたくないな どこかで

まばゆい光 まばゆい光
風切りの羽を伸ばして 伸ばしていく
苦しくなったし つまらなくなったし
君は白鳥になってさ なんだか


笑ってほら 笑ったほうが
ねじった羽 飛ばない鳥
この街が忘れていくのは 白鳥の群れ

太陽に焦がされて おかしくなったフリをしよう

Kanji source: Uta-Net

9 thoughts on “Galileo Galilei – Swan

  1. Love this song too :)
    Thank You!

  2. Thanks a ton for this

  3. Thank you so much for this translation :3
    Now i can finally understand this beautiful song. <33

  4. Thank you!
    A great song with awesome lyrics.

  5. This song always makes me think of the end of summer. I love it.

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  8. Just… an amazing song. Been on my playlist nonstop.

  9. The chillest song ever

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