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School Food Punishment – free quiet


School Food Punishment, Prog-Roid

Part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project.

So, here comes our first track from Prog-Roid. It’s beautifully, hauntingly ethereal – a great opening for the album.

free quiet
Lyrics: Uchimura Yumi / Eguchi Ryou
Composition: School Food Punishment / Eguchi Ryou
Arrangement: Eguchi Ryou

Your aura seems similar to mine.
But you know, destiny is not so simple.
Coming from you, all of your words sound right.
But you know, the truth is, I knew that something was wrong.

We believed each other in an atmosphere we couldn’t refuse.
Days of irritation at our diverging pulsations came.
Now, we are already apart.
Slapped by the icon I made you out to be,
It comes late; I’m already awake.

Goodbye, God.
We should have been keeping the same rhythm, but still,
They do not sound as one.
Salvation is a dream. We can’t go back.

We are all human.
Both you, the one in front of my eyes, and me –
We are all human.
Let us become free now.

We are all human.

Regarding the repeated line toward the end, 人間と人間だ, a more literal translation would be “We are a human and a human,” but I chose to phrase it as I did because I feel it sounds better, and it still captures the song’s message: no one is perfect, no one is divine.

free quiet
Lyrics: Uchimura Yumi / Eguchi Ryou
Composition: School Food Punishment / Eguchi Ryou
Arrangement: Eguchi Ryou

Kimi no nioi wa    atashi no to nite iru
Demo ne   unmei tte sonna ni kantan ja nai
Kimi no kotoba nara subete tadashiku kikoete
Demo ne   hontou wa   nanika chigau tte wakatteta

Kobamenai fun’iki de   otagai ni shinjiatte
Zurete yuku shindou ni iratatsu hibi ga kite
Ima ja mou betsubetsu
Shitate ageta guuzou ni hirate uchisarete
Mou   teokure   me ga sameta

Sayonara   kamisama
Onaji rizumu   kizanda hazu na no ni
Hitotsu ni kikoenai
Sukui wa yume   mou modorenai

Ningen to ningen da
Me no mae no kimi mo   atashi mo
Ningen to ningen da
Mou   jiyuu ni narou

Ningen to   ningen da

free quiet
作曲:School Food Punishment・江口亮

君の匂いは あたしのと似ている
でもね 運命ってそんなに簡単じゃない
でもね 本当は 何か違うってわかってた

拒めない雰囲気で お互いに信じ合って
もう 手遅れ 目が醒めた

さよなら 神様
同じリズム 刻んだはずなのに
救いは夢 もう戻れない

目の前の君も あたしも
もう 自由になろう

人間と 人間だ

4 thoughts on “School Food Punishment – free quiet

  1. Those be some beautiful lyrics, loved the track as soon as I heard it.

    Keep up the great work on the project!

  2. If you can get lyrics for Halation it’s my favorite off the album. Thank You.

  3. Thank you for the translation!

    Waiting anxiously for Y/N. :D

  4. thanks a ton! :D
    will be waiting for ≠

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