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School Food Punishment – in bloom


School Food Punishment, Prog-Roid

Part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project.

So here, we have an upbeat love song, much in the vein of “butterfly swimmer,” except with a more certain happiness. A quote from Yumi Uchimura (source):

This time, the feeling of “wanting to write lyrics to convey more feeling” was strong. As such, we felt it was best to put making something that’s easier to understand as a first priority, so we wrote “in bloom” with the intention of turning to a more poppish style. When I wrote last time’s “butterfly swimmer”, it’s not something that’s easy to understand at all compared to now, but at that time, it was so poppish that we thought, “Is it really okay to put this out?” and the same feeling was there when we released “sea-through communication”, too. But that’s starting to feel normal. Songs like these are better for conveying ideas to people, so the reaction is bigger, and that’s what we were aiming for above all else with “in bloom.” It’s a song meant to break through one more shell.

Unfortunately, the way East Asian languages go up to the ten-thousands in basic quantifiers makes the repeated phrase 何千何万 (nanzen nanman) less graceful in translation. The lack of units in said lines was also a bit problematic, so I took some liberties there.

in bloom
Lyrics: Uchimura Yumi / Eguchi Ryou
Composition: School Food Punishment / Eguchi Ryou
Arrangement: Eguchi Ryou

The bright sunlight
Shines down on me after the rain.
I jumped into a puddle
And took one deep breath.

I close my eyes in the waves of sound
That stream from my headphones.
The only things floating in my mind
Are all thoughts of you.

Once the sky is clear, we forget the rain.
It’s simple – I want to infect you.
Laugh more!

I’m in love. It’s too hard to hold it in. Right now,
I cross over thousands, tens of thousands of miles,
Heading for you, the one who gave me my tomorrow.
My overflowing thoughts are too much to tell – wait a minute.
Thousands, tens of thousands – it’s tiring.
I’ll turn them into words and whisper them to you.

With the familiar city at my back,
A new wind blows.
I’ll leap over the boundary line
And change your destiny.

The dazzling sun beckons me.
Plain and simple, I have one wish.
Come on, laugh!

I’m in love. I can’t wait anymore. Right now,
I cross over thousands, tens of thousands of moments.
I want to find an expression I don’t know on your face.
Inside my head, it keeps keeps on echoing even now –
Your voice, thousands, tens of thousands of times.
While I dry off, I’ll break out into a run. Now…

I’m in love. I can’t wait anymore.
The sound in my chest keeps on beating, thousands, tens of thousands of times,
Heading for you, the one who gave me my tomorrow.

Now, I have feelings I want to tell you – nod your head.
I cross over thousands, tens of thousands of miles of darkness.
Let me face tomorrow with you.

in bloom
Lyrics: Uchimura Yumi / Eguchi Ryou
Composition: School Food Punishment / Eguchi Ryou
Arrangement: Eguchi Ryou

Kirameku taiyou ni
Terasareru   ameagari
Mizutamari   tonde
Hitotsu   shinkokyuu shita

Heddofon ni nagarekomu
Oto no nami   me wo tojite
Atama ni ukabu no wa
Kimi no koto bakari

Haretara   ame wo wasureru
Tanjun sa   kimi ni utsushitai
Waratte yo   motto

Koi shite iru   koraekirenai   ima sugu
Nanzen   nanman   kyori wo koete
Ashita wo kureta   kimi no moto e
Afureru omoi   tsutaekirenai   mattete
Nanzen   nanman   akiru hodo ni
Kotoba ni kaete sasayaku kara

Minareta machi wo se ni
Atarashii kaze ga fuku
Kyoukaisen   tobikoe
Kimi no unmei   kaeru yo

Temaneku   mabushii taiyou
Tanjun meikai   negai wa hitotsu
Waratte yo   nee

Koi shite iru   mou matenai   ima sugu
Nanzen   nanman   toki wo koete
Shiranai kao wo mitsuketai yo
Atama no oku   ima mo zutto hibiiteru
Nanzen   nanman   kimi no koe wo
Kawakashinagara kakedashiteku   ima

Koi shite iru   mou matenai
Mune no oto   nanzen   nanman   uchitsudzuketeru
Ashita wo kureta   kimi no moto e

Ima   tsutaetai omoi ga aru   unazuite
Nanzen   nanman   yami mo koete
Ashita wo kimi to mukaesasete

in bloom
作曲:School Food Punishment・江口亮

照らされる 雨上がり
水溜り 飛んで
一つ 深呼吸した

音の波 目を閉じて

晴れたら 雨を忘れる
単純さ 君に伝染したい
笑ってよ もっと

恋している こらえきれない いますぐ
何千 何万 距離を越えて
明日をくれた 君のもとへ
溢れる想い 伝えきれない 待ってて
何千 何万 飽きるほどに

境界線 飛び越え
君の運命 変えるよ

手招く 眩しい太陽
単純明快 願いはひとつ
笑ってよ ねぇ

恋している もう待てない 今すぐ
何千 何万 時を越えて
頭の奥 今もずっと響いてる
何千 何万 君の声を
乾かしながら駆け出してく 今

恋している もう待てない
胸の音 何千 何万 打ち続けて
明日をくれた 君のもとへ

今 伝えたい想いがある 頷いて
何千 何万 闇も越えて

3 thoughts on “School Food Punishment – in bloom

  1. Nice! Can’t wait for the utsurou san gatsu translation.

  2. Hahaha, Indeed. The first time I heard it I immediately remembered about butterfly swimmer. Such a nice and happy song. Makes really happy xD

    THANK YOU A LOT for the translations. I simply love SFP :)!

  3. Thanks for the translation. My second favorite in the new album. After Y/N of course :D.

    After read the lyrics it feels like that the girl is just so happy that she can’t contain herself. She want to say many things but even words cannot express it well. :)

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