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Pillowcase Knights ~Room 133~ – Release 1.0

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So here’s a project I’ve been working on.

Room 133?

This began as a project for one of my classes – Psychology 133, “Psychology of Sleep”. My goal was to educate others about dreaming – its content and how people may interpret it. I chose to do this in the form of a narrative – a visual novel. I have created a character for the reader to get to know, and the story recounts some of his days and nights, interspersed with educational passages. Try examining the dreams and our main character’s attitude toward them and see how things might have turned out the way they did. I’ve provided some hints of what I intended, but I hope you’ll try some dream analysis for yourselves.

This first release contains one segment of this story, covering the span of one day and night.

As a school project, this is a failure – it comes horribly late and with quite a bit less content than I originally envisioned – but I really enjoyed making this, so this will become a long-term project of mine. There will be more updates. I hope you’ll all read this and enjoy it, and hopefully learn something, of course.

Pillowcase Knights?

I labeled this a side story, but the parent story has yet to exist. That would be another novel I’m working on, and I decided to associate the two because of certain similarities in tone and purpose.


Being the first release, and considering that I’m not very good with application-level stuff, there are probably technical issues, considering my limited ability to test operating systems other than Windows. I’ve included releases for Mac OS X and Linux in a way that I believe is most likely to work, but I have yet to test them as they’ve been uploaded. If anyone runs into problems, please let me know.

I made this game using ONScripter-EN, so if there are issues, you can just pick that up here and put the files in the data-only archive in the same directory.

Hope you all have fun.


Windows: [mediafire]
Mac OS X: [mediafire]
Linux: [mediafire]
Data only: [mediafire]

One thought on “Pillowcase Knights ~Room 133~ – Release 1.0

  1. It’s intriguing. I usually see dreams as the mind’s own form of entertainment – I always get the feeling that if I don’t dream enough, I’ll get bored of sleeping.

    Sooo yeah, I gave it a try. I’m using WinXP, and it works fine. It’s a bit short, so I’ll be waiting for future releases. =)

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