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Galileo Galilei – Good Shoes


Galileo Galilei, PORTAL


Clarification: One of the later lines refers to raptors overhead. The particular bird mentioned it the トンビ, or black kite. Apparently, its cry is very well-known in Japan. Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=975yohQ9BdE

Also, I bent my romaji policy a little and just put in extra words without parens or anything.

I’m really weak to these “lost-childhood” type lyrics.

Good Shoes
Lyrics: Ozaki Yuuki
Composition: Galileo Galilei

In those days when we chose the same dirty, plain shoes and wore them so comfortably,
As though gliding over the granite, we lightly, gently fell in love.

The two of us played in a puddle of water that no one else knew,
Leaping and flying, dyeing our bare feet in that upside-down sky.

Dusk arrives.
The two of, all tired out,
Hide our green-stained feet in our sneakers.
Good shoes, good shoes.
These are good shoes, good shoes, we laugh.

Like a roll of tape stretched to its end, with happiness always a half-tone down,
“Ah, we can’t go on like this,” you said, as though singing to me as I wake.

The two us watched as that pool of water dried away.
The raptors that cried out above are whispering something to us.

If I could grow wings, I’m sure that everything would go fluttering in the air.

Evening rain.
You told me that you were leaving.
I wash the green stains off my feet with the raindrops.
Good shoes, good shoes, good shoes, good shoes.
Let’s put our good shoes on.

YOU KILL ME, YOU KILL ME, YOU KILL ME too much, too much
YOU KILL ME, YOU KILL ME, YOU KILL ME too much, too much
YOU KILL ME, YOU KILL ME, YOU KILL ME too much, too much
YOU KILL ME too much

Good Shoes
Lyrics: Ozaki Yuuki
Composition: Galileo Galilei

Sore wa onaji yogore guai no dasai kutsu wo erande hakikonasu hibi de
Mikageishi wo suberu you ni bokura wa fuwari to koi wo shita nda

Futari wa dare mo shiranai mizutamari de asonda
Sakasa ni natta sora de hadashi wo somenagara tondari hanetari shite

Nanka akite kita bokura wa
Massao ni natta ashi wo suniikaa de kakushite
Good shoes   good shoes
Kore wa good shoes    good shoes tte warau

Nobikitta teepu mitai ni shiawase wa itsu demo han’on sagari de
Kono mama ja   aa ikenai yo tte okinuke no kimi ga utau you ni iu nda

Futari de ano mizutamari ga karete iku no wo mita
Maue de naita tonbi ga bokura ni nanika wo tsubuyaite iru yo

Hane ga haetara kitto subete ga sora ni matte shimau yo

Kimi ga wakare wo tsugeta
Massao datta ashi wo ame de arainagashite
Good shoes   good shoes   good shoes   good shoes
Good shoes wo hakou

YOU KILL ME   YOU KILL ME   YOU KILL ME too much too much
YOU KILL ME   YOU KILL ME   YOU KILL ME too much too much
YOU KILL ME   YOU KILL ME   YOU KILL ME too much too much
YOU KILL ME too much

Good Shoes
作曲:Galileo Galilei




このままじゃ ああいけないよって起き抜けの君が歌うように言うんだ




YOU KILL ME too much too much

Kanji source: Uta-Net

4 thoughts on “Galileo Galilei – Good Shoes

  1. It’s lovely to see this translated, only started listening to Galileo Galilei recently, because I watched Anohana and just had to hear more! You’re right, something about this song just screams ‘lost childhood’, even without the translation! Lovely, sad lyrics!

  2. That’s pretty cool..! ♥ I Really love all the songs..!!
    At work I hear them..! and with this lyrics I sing..! teehee..! ♪

  3. Thanks for your Galileo Galilei translations! I’m very sad that they’re breaking up, that made their last album even more painful to listen to, but i just want to thank you for the work! :D

  4. I wonder if that song is also a reference to the indie rock band Good Shoes who wrote some nice tunes in the mid 00’s, and could have influenced Yuuki and the band…

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