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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – you -Arigatou-

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dai, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 10th Anniversary: you & history

Released by M.Graveyard at C82.

This song reflects Shion’s feelings after Matsuribayashi-hen. As dai says in the liner notes, “The past that has come and gone will not change, but memories live on. And from there, the future lies beyond the memories.”

Note: for the second line of verse 3, the booklet contains the phrase 止め処なく (tomedonaku, “endlessly”), but the vocals use the phrase すこしだけ (sukoshi dake, “just a little”).

you -Thank You-
Vocals: Yuzuki
Composition: dai
Arrangement: Luck Ganriki
Lyrics: dai / Luck Ganriki

Now and forever, I make my wish that my calling voice
Will reach the place where you are…

My memories gently speak to me,
As they unwrap the words that were sealed away.
I vow quietly to this sky
That I’ll keep on smiling until the day you return.

Let’s frolic and play, just the two of us, under the beauty of the setting summer sun.
Imagine, we’ll joke with each other just a bit, and you’ll be just a little shy.

Holding me, stroking my head,
Your gentle, tender hands dissolve into the dream.

I’m right here next to you.
I’m waiting in the place this sky continues into.
Ever since that day we met, I’ve been breathing:
I’d like to tell you these words, “Thank you.”

Let’s weave the thousands of fragments together and go greet the miracle.
That day, that place, those feelings – even now, they shine brilliantly…

A voice, calling for me, echoes faintly,
From somewhere in a world close yet faraway.
I’ll keep on smiling right here next to you.
We’ll be waiting as long as it takes.

you -Arigatou-
Vocals: Yuduki
Composition: dai
Arrangement: Luck Ganriki
Lyrics: dai / Luck Ganriki

Watashi no yobigoe ga   anata no moto e
Todoku you ni negatteru   itsu made mo…

Omoide ga   odayaka ni katarikakeru
Tozashita kotoba wo hodokinagara
Watashi wa kono sora ni sotto chikau yo
Anata ga kaeru hi made waraou to

Uraraka na  natsu no yuugure  futarikiri   hashagiaou
Hora   sukoshi dake odokete  anata wa watashi ni hanikamu

Tsutsumi…    naderu
Yasashiku sashinobeta te ga  yume ni tokete yuku

Anata no sugu soba ni watashi wa iru yo
Kono sora no tsudzuku basho de matteru
Deatta sono hi kara ibuite iru yo
Tsutaetai   kono kotoba   “arigatou”

Ikusen no kakera wo tsumugi  kiseki wo mukae ni yukou
Ano hi, ano basho, ano omoi wa  ima demo, kagayaite…

Watashi wo yobu koe ga kasuka ni hibiku
Chikakute tooi   sekai no dokoka de
Anata no sugu soba de waratte iyou
Watashitachi wa itsu made mo matteru

you -ありがとう-

私の呼び声が あなたのもとへ
届くように願ってる いつまでも…

思い出が 穏やかに語りかける

うららかな 夏の夕暮れ 二人きり はしゃぎあおう
ほら 止め処なくおどけて あなたは私にはにかむ

包み… 撫でる
やさしく差し伸べた手が 夢に溶けてゆく

伝えたい この言葉 「ありがとう」

幾千のカケラを紡ぎ 奇跡を迎えにいこう
あの日、あの場所、あの想いは 今でも、輝いて…

近くて遠い 世界の何処かで

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