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Hsu Ming-Te – Ballad of the Mountain

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山歌 (Shan Ge – Ballad of the Mountain)
Composer: 許明得 (Xu Ming De / Hsu Ming-Te)

A piece I know from my lessons. I’ve created an (unauthorized >_>) transcription of the piece using Lilypond, since the only sheets I have on hand are a photocopy from a book belonging to my teacher. PDF after the jump.

Regarding the transcription: I’ve tried to capture all of the editorial markings, but I’ve left out a few due to practical issues. In particular, the copy I used as reference included finger numbers, and there was also an unmatched beginning repeat bar at the start of the second page.

PDF: https://bambooxzx.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/shan-ge.pdf

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