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Galilei Donna – Synchromanica

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negoto, Galilei Donna OP

Note the arrangement by Ryo Eguchi, sound producer for school food punishment (Riff-rain and later).

negoto’s explanation of the song title, as seen in an interview on November 6: in short, it’s a compound of ‘synchro’ and ‘romanica’ (as in ‘romance’).


蒼山 “シンクロ”と“ロマニカ”を繋げて「シンクロマニカ」。“ロマニカ”は“ロマンティカ(ロマン)”から来ています。「ガリレイドンナ」の世界でい うなら、あるかもわからない宝物を探すこと、未来を思うこと。目に見えないものには「こうしたら正しい」という絶対的な方法論がなくて達成することはとて も難しい。でもだからこそロマンがある。目的にシンクロするかもしれない瞬間が楽しい。それはライブでも一緒だと思うんです。そういうものが楽しめたらい いなと思ってこのタイトルを付けました。

(——negoto is well known for using neologisms in song titles. May I ask what the origin of the title is this time?

Aoyama: We connect ‘synchro’ and ‘romanica’ to form “Synchromanica”. ‘Romanica’ comes from ‘romantica (romance)’. With respect to the world of Galileo Donna, it means to search for a treasure that may or may not exist, to think about the future. In intangible, invisible matters like these, when there’s no absolute method where you can just say, “This is the right way to do it,” it’s a very hard thing to accomplish. But that’s exactly where the romance comes from. That moment when you might synchronize with your goal is fun. I think that goes for concerts, too. We thought it would be great if everyone could enjoy that kind of title.)

words & music: negoto
sound producted & arrangement: Ryo Eguchi (Stereo Fabrication of Youth)

I’d only just decided
That I wouldn’t hope for any more than this,
But once the ten dizzying seconds pass,
There’s immediate shaking, and my predictions were blown away.

Synchromanica, you are the distance,
And that voice is my heart and soul.
The crevices, never easy to reach, are blank spaces for exhilaration.
Somebody’s dream is swimming through my ears.
I can’t put it into words, any of it.

Ever so slowly, the sorrow begins to melt away.
I exited my room.
In this place, I’m being born again!
I touch just a tiny bit of the cosmos.

Synchromanica, before I knew it,
This voice has become something like a wish.
The future, never a simple thing, is the dwelling of exhilaration.
My ears are somebody’s dream.
I won’t put it into words, any of it.

If we can communicate, the door opens – synchromanica.
Are you good to go? Synchro…

words & music: negoto
sound produced & arrangement: Eguchi Ryou

Kore ijou kitai wa shinai to
Sakki kimeta no ni
Me ga kuramu juubyou ga sugireba
Sugu yuragu   fukikeshita yokan

Shinkuromanika   kimi wa kanata
Sono koe wa boku no kokoro da
Kantan ni ikanai sukima ga tokimeki no yohaku
Dareka no yume ga mimi wo oyogu
Kotoba ni dekinai nda  nani mo

Kanashimi wa yurari tokedashite
Heya wo dete itta
Boku wa mata koko de umareteru!
Hon no sukoshi dake fureru uchuu

Shinkuromanika   itsu no ma ni ka
Kono koe wa negai no you da
Tanjun ni ikanai mirai ga tokimeki no sumika
Boku no mimi wa dareka no yume da
Kotoba ni wa shinai nda   subete

Tsuujiaeba   hiraku tobira   shinkuromanika
Kimi wa ikeru?   shinkuro


すぐ揺らぐ 吹き消した予感

シンクロマニカ きみは彼方
言葉にできないんだ 何も


シンクロマニカ いつの間にか
言葉にはしないんだ 全て

通じ合えば 開く扉 シンクロマニカ

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