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Annabel – Konsen to Taiwa

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Annabel, TALK

Ex-School Food Punishment alert! Here’s the other song on the album by Hasuo Masayuki. Personally, this song brings me back to the amp-reflection days, both musically and (surprisingly, considering the lack of direct involvement) lyrically.

I like the feel of the lyrics quite a bit; there are some pretty interesting rhythmic qualities to it. One fun bit is the succession of コンセント (konsento, ‘electical outlet’) and 混線と (konsen to, ‘crossed wires and…’) in the sixth verse.

Crossed Wires and Conversation
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition / Arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki

Mixing together,
Vivid ego.

How far?
Hey, how much?

The waning night softly draws us out.

Free and unrestricted, at the line that is drawn,
When you jump in, even if it’s a mistake…

An inconsequential query to show the way.
“Where are you going?”
If you’re just acting it out, you can’t see tomorrow, you can’t see.
Underhanded hearts waiting for the inevitable, like they can see through everything.

Never unplugged from the outlet, we continue crossed wires and conversation.
Surrounded and preconceived by the faceless somebodies…
If that’s what life is like, I don’t need it anymore.
The unending night opens up my field of vision.

Ah, but even then, I can’t fill it all in.
Look right through this transparent self of mine.

Now, of the countless choices that easily surpass imagination,
Where is the single one for connecting to you?
Pain is cooling down completely, as though to maintain the silence,
Because I can’t even tie together simple intentions.

Ah, it goes around, that brilliant voice.
Tangled as it is, I reel it in.

Now, of the inconsequential queries I touch with that finger,
Which is the single one for connecting to you?
Even if it’s a tomorrow of just lining up endings and seeing them off, tell me.

Konsen to Taiwa
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition / Arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki

Fukurande iku
Senmei na ego

Doko made?
Nee doredake?

Kakete iku yoru ga sotto tsuredasu

Juuou mujin, egaku rain ni
Machigai demo tobikonde yukeba

Houkou wo sashishimesu amai toikake
“Kimi wa doko e yuku no?”
Enjiteru dake nara ashita wa mienai mienai
Hitsuzen wo matsu zurui kokoro subete misukasu you

Konsento nukanu mama konsen to taiwa tsudzukeru
Kao no nai dareka ni makare kimerare…,
Sonna jinsei nara mou iranai
Owaranai yoru ga shikai wo akete yuku

Aa sore nano ni umerarenai na
Kono toumei na boku wo misukashite ite

Ima, souzou wo karuku koeru musuu no sentakushi
Kimi ni tsunagaru tame no tatta hitotsu wa doko?
Oshidamaru you ni hiekitte iku itami
Kantan na ito sae mo musubenai kara

Aa mawaru azayaka na koe
Motsureta mama taguriyosete iku

Ima, sono yubi ni fureru amai toikake
Kimi ni tsunagaru tame no tatta hitotsu wa dore?
Owari wo narabete miokuru dake no ashita demo boku ni oshiete yo



ねえ どれだけ?



演じてるだけなら明日は見えない 見えない
必然を待つ狡い心 全て見透かすよう


ああ それなのに埋められないな


ああ 廻る 鮮やかな声

今、その指に触れる 甘い問い掛け

Kanji source: Kasi-Time

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  1. What means Konsen, which is my family name by the way?

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