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Kikuo feat. Hatsune Miku – Technology ni Yume Nosete

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Kikuo feat. Hatsune Miku, MikXperience e.p.

MikXperience e.p. is part of a collaboration between Hatsune Miku and the Sony Xperia. This song makes the link seem quite fitting, don’t you think?

Ferry Dreams on Technology
Lyrics / Composition: Kikuo
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Ah, hello? How are you?
Right now, I’m calling from a little over ten years in the future.
A lot of stuff has happened~…
Oh, and cell phones are pretty different, too!
Shall I tell you about it? To you, of 2001.

Single tones, monochrome,
A mysterious grey box I borrowed from my dad.
From there, triads, then sixteen-tone chords.
With just this one shiny little machine,
Can I connect to that boy even more?
Really? Maybe! That’s right! Lalala~

Ferry dreams on technology.
Sending… Complete! Decisive transmission.
Love mail for you~! Look again, and surprise!
Typed in all the wrong characters – mistake, my god!
A quick reply: MAILER-DAEMON.
That must be, must be one step toward the future.

The time is 3G.
Meeting you for LTE-Time, the pitch of my pulse rises.
Since when have I had soft and easy
Performance? Now,
“Please move again.” This cutting-edge love
Should be able to smartly cross the borders of hearts.
Reaching the galaxy, overlapping,
Two people’s shared experience.


In this little piece of magic that fits in one hand,
We once saw the future.
We take it for granted these days, but “the future”…
It’s a dream that a child once imagined.

Ferry dreams on technology.
Movie streaming… With no lag, here are my feelings.
For you, lover~! Almost feels like lightspeed.

Maybe someday, songs sung by machines
Will be flowing all throughout the city.
Really? Maybe!
That must be, must be a dream echoing through the world.

I want to connect to you even more.
That kind of love overflows across the globe.
Love you~… And then technology makes progress, too.

I’d like to talk to the mechs of the twenty-second century.
These childish hopes and dreams
Must be, must be what makes the world go ’round.

Now then, what kinds of dreams shall we paint on the future ourselves?

Tekunorojii ni Yume Nosete
Lyrics / Composition: Kikuo
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

A, moshimoshi~, genki~?
Ima ne, juunen to chotto saki no mirai kara kaketeru no.
Ironna koto ga atta yo~….
A, keitai mo ne, zuibun kawatta nda yo!
Oshiete ageyokka? nisen’ichinen no kimi e.

Ichiwaon ni monokuro
Papa ni karita guree no fushigi na hako
Sore kara sanwaon ni juurokuwaon
Pikapika no chiisana kikai hitotsu de
Ano ko to motto tsunagareru no?
Honto? kamo ne sou ne rarara

Tekunorojii ni yume nose
Sending… Complete! ikioi de soushin
Love mail for you minaoshite gakuzen
Uchimachigae darake no bun Mistake my god
Henji wa hayakatta MAILER-DAEMON
Sore wa kitto kitto mirai e no ippo

Jikoku wa san-G
Kimi ni a-LTE-Time kodou no picchi agaru
Itsu kara boku wa Soft de Easy na
Performance? ima wa
Please move again ejji no kiita ai ga
Kokoro no boodaa sumaato ni koeru hazu
Ginga ni todoke kasanariau
Futari no ekusuperiensu


Katate ni osamaru chiisana mahou ni
Itsuka bokura wa mirai wo mita
Ima ja atarimae dakedo mirai
Sore wa itsuka no kodomo ga egaita yume sa

Tekunorojii ni yume nose
Movie streaming ragu nashi no kimochi wo
For you lover hikari mitai na Speed

Kikai no utatta uta ga
Itsuka machijuu de nagareteru kamo ne
Honto? kamo ne
Sore wa kitto kitto sekai hibiku yume

Kimi to motto tsunagaritai
Sonna koi ga chikyuu ni afureteru
Love you sore de gijutsu mo susumu sa

Nijuuni seiki no meka to mo oshaberi shitai ne
Konna otonagenai yume to kibou de
Kitto kitto sekai mawatteru

Saa, bokura wa mirai ni donna yume wo egakou?



それから 3和音に16和音
ホント? かもね そうね ラララ

Sending… Complete! いきおいで送信
Love mail for you 見なおして愕然
打ち間違えだらけの文 Mistake my god
それはきっときっと 未来への一歩

君に会LTE-Time 鼓動のピッチ上がる
いつから僕は Soft でEasy な
Performance? いまは
Please move again エッジの効いたアイが
心のボーダー スマートに越えるはず
銀河に届け 重なりあう


いまじゃ当たり前だけど 未来

Movie streaming ラグ無しの気持ちを
For you lover 光みたいなSpeed

いつか 街中で流れてるかもね
ホント? かもね
それはきっときっと 世界響く夢

そんな恋が 地球にあふれてる
Love you それで 技術も進むさ

22世紀のメカとも おしゃべりしたいね
きっときっと 世界まわってる


Kanji source: J-Lyric.net

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