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Hataraku Maou-sama! – Tsumabiku Hitori


nano.RIPE, Hataraku Maou-sama! ED (episode 13), Sankaku ep

This is the third song of the Sankaku ep.
Track 1: Star Chart
Track 2: Gekka
Track 3: Tsumabiku Hitori

I’ve included a translation of a blog post Kimiko made regarding the song. (original: http://ameblo.jp/nanoripe-kimiko/entry-11543276347.html)

Originally meant to be a temporary title, “Tsumabiku Hitori”.
Just as the title says, this is a straightforward song
about the feeling of strumming a guitar by yourself, on a night with a beautiful moon.

I’m not sure what the true title was going to be anymore.
The other members and staff just kept on saying,
“Tsumabiku Hitori” is good! to the point where I just forgot.

Up until now, I’d never really used any words other than ones from everyday conversations in my lyrics,
but this time I was a little adventurous and tried writing with more variety.
With the rhyming in the song, it’s a lot of fun singing it.
That said, it’s not exactly a song you can sing with a smile on your face, either.
Also, it’s very fast.
It’s not such a problem with the lyrics,
but speed of the guitar part makes it pretty hard on my right hand at the lives.

I’m not a big fan of the phrase “only one”,
but I really am myself and no one else,
so basically, I am the unique “only one” of myself in the end.

So the song has ideas like that tumbling around.
Out of the three tracks, I think
this one has the most room for interpretation.

These three tracks form the “Sankaku ep”.
Please do enjoy these three different stories.

As a personal suggestion, I’d be quite happy if you
listen without shuffling and follow the track order.

Strumming Alone
words: Kimiko
music: Sasaki Jun
arrangement: nano.RIPE

The strumming fingertips are like the waning moon, an indistinct flame illuminating the path beyond these scattered days.
In the sound that remains after the cold echoes disappear, the night continues, permeating far and wide.

A road leading to the moon, a faint scent, a corner of my hazy field of view…
I got it wrong because they say that it’s a simple thing – I was crying?

The color that I painted is a little different from the sky I wished for, somehow.
With the distorted stage at my back, I was paralyzed, unable to move,
And next thing I knew, I’d come to a distant, faraway place,
All alone.

On the underside of my restless, insignificant heart, past, present, and future linger a distance away, but never far.

I sing as though spitting out – bitter feelings, a brief passing rain.
They that it’s a simple thing, but I doubted it – I was crying.

A voice like the sea spilled out, echoing through the silence.
With my hands covering my ears from the ringing, unable to pull away,
I looked down, and I’d come to a distant, elevated place,
All alone, carrying nothing.

Strumming fingertips and the sight of the waning moon, announcing to the scattered days the end and the beginning.
The sound that surfaces, riding on glittering words, takes the quivering memories to an unexplored world.

The color that I painted is a little different from the sky I wished for,
But then I uncovered my ears and stretched out my hands.
Every single thing that disappeared beyond my reach has let me become who I am,
All alone, the only one of me.

Tsumabiku Hitori
words: Kimiko
music: Sasaki Jun
arrangement: nano.RIPE

Tsumabiku yubisaki wa kaketa tsuki no you  chiriyuku hibi no saki terasu kasuka na hi
Tsumetaku narihibiki nochi nokoru oto ni   amaneku shimikondeku yoru no tsudzuki

Tsuki e to mukau michi   awai nioi   kebutta shikai no sumi
Tanjun nante iu kara machigatta   atashi wa naite ita?

Akogareta sora wa egaita iro to dokoka chotto chigau you na
Yugande iru butai wo se ni tachisukumu mama
Ki ga tsukeba haruka tooi tokoro made kite shimatta
Tatta hitori de

Zawameku karisome no kokoro sono ura de   tanabiku kako  ima  mirai  tsukazu hanarezu

Hakidasu you ni utau   nigai omoi   agatta tooriame
Tanjun datte iu no ni utagatta   atashi wa naite ita

Umi ni nita koe ga koboreochita shijima ni hibiku you ni
Miminari ni fusaida te wa hanasenai mama
Mioroseba haruka takai tokoro made kite shimatta
Tatta hitori de nani mo motanai de

Tsumabiku yubisaki to kaketa tsuki moyou  chiriyuku hibi ni tsugu owari to hajimari
Kirameku kotonoha ni noriukabu oto wa   yurameku kioku wo tsure mitou no sekai e

Akogareta sora wa egaita iro to dokoka chotto chigau kedo
Fusaida te wo hanashita nara sashinoberu mama
Tsukamezu ni kieta sono subete de atashi ni naru to iu
Tatta hitori no   tada hitori no


つま弾く指先は欠けた月のよう 散りゆく日々の先照らす微かな灯
冷たく鳴り響きのち残る音に あまねく染み込んでく夜の続き

月へと向かう道 淡い匂い けぶった視界の隅
単純なんて言うから間違った あたしは泣いていた?


ざわめくかりそめのココロその裏で たなびく過去 今 未来 付かず離れず

吐き出すように歌う 苦い思い 上がった通り雨
単純だって言うのに疑った あたしは泣いていた


つま弾く指先と欠けた月模様 散りゆく日々に告ぐ終わりと始まり
煌めく言の葉に乗り浮かぶ音は 揺らめくキオクを連れ未踏の世界へ

たったヒトリの ただヒトリの

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