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[2014-06-05] hello again, world

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A few weeks ago, an amazing thing happened: my song translation backlog was completely emptied.

By the beginning of 2014, I’d entered a transition period in my life. The pull of reality has grown stronger and stronger, and long story short, it has caused me to refactor my approach to many of my hobbies. For this blog in particular, I realized that I can now pump out a complete translation fairly quickly, as long as I can keep my attention on it. This has made my old workflow of “start a bunch of files and then forget about then when I need to” a bit cumbersome to deal with, so I decided to take a month to clean up the pile, and it worked.

Now, my activities here are starting to wind down. I’ve just about outgrown this site as it stands, so I feel like I need to back away and focus my efforts elsewhere for a while. The problem is, it’s hard for me to stop, so I’ve decided to adopt a new personal policy: translations must be separated by at least five days, or at least one post of original content.

Fun. I’ve always had trouble sticking to resolutions to write more, but I’m giving it yet another try. There have just been so many ideas bouncing around in my head lately that I can’t focus on anything significant, so I need to force an outlet. Hopefully things will settle into a sort of working equilibrium.

So, what do I plan on writing about? I have a number of clear topics in mind. I definitely plan to write a series of posts each on music and translation, plus a few other creative ventures. It’ll take a while for them all to coalesce, though, so posting will probably be slow early on. To mitigate this a little, I’ll consider songs from the same release exempt from my self-imposed restrictions.

The content of the blog will be shifting a little from its main purpose, but I hope you’ll still find it engaging.

One thought on “[2014-06-05] hello again, world

  1. Have really enjoyed and appreciated the translations, looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.

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