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[2014-06-12] untitled

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Well, uh, the new self-imposed posting limit has been a bit difficult for me. I guess that means it’s working.

I had a few good ideas for posts, but these days all of my thoughts tend to bounce around in my head, and I have trouble corralling the pieces of separate topics for clean output. I suppose I’ve always had this issue with writing; it just takes time. This is a bit of an inconvenient time for that, though, with all of these new releases, so to ease myself in, I’ll try starting with little scraps of things I’ve been wanting to mention at some point.

Today, I’ll talk about the category scheme of this blog.

Each song translation goes into exactly one category prefixed with “Lyrics Translation”. The current types are as follows:
– Anime (songs that have actually appeared in anime as openings, endings, or insert songs)
– Coupled Songs (B-sides of anime song singles; may or may not have explicit links to the A-side tie-ins)
– Doujin Music (songs released at conventions, directly to the internet, or otherwise outside industry channels)
– Drama CD / Radio Themes
– Game (songs that have actually been used within games as openings, endings, or insert songs)
– General (anything that doesn’t fit clearly into the other categories)
– Image / Character Songs (songs that have tie-ins but don’t fit into the other groups due to standalone release)
– Live-Action (themes for live-action movies and TV-shows

“By series” subcategories are always assigned if there is a significant tie-in. “By artist” subcategories are assigned if there is no tie-in, or if I have translated multiple songs by the artist with different tie-ins.

Meanwhile, I assign tags for alternate renderings of artist and series names that might be useful for searches (sequel series titles, Western name order, etc). Just based on feeling.

For a number of reasons, I do not particularly like this scheme anymore.

Song categories: ‘Doujin Music’ and ‘Coupled Songs’ aren’t defined very well. The line between ‘Image / Character Songs’ and the tie-in based categories can blur fairly easily. ‘Drama CD / Radio Themes’ is way too obscure, and ‘Game’ and ‘Live-Action’ are barely used here either.

The artist category assignment might have made sense to me at some point, but not anymore. I just keep with it out of habit.

Navigation is probably terrible. Really need to fix this eventually.

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