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sakanaction – Eiga (Conte 2012/11/16 17:24)

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sakanaction, c/w dinner ED Music

Compare with the album version.

Since I have the album version’s lyrics as reference, I’m fairly confident in the accuracy of my transcription, but it was technically done by ear (= 耳コピ), as official lyrics were apparently never released for the single version by the artist’s request.

Movie (Storyboard 2012/11/16 17:24)

These sounds I’m searching for – there are far too many, far too many;
I’ve forgotten what I forgot somewhere.

The sky is completely devoid of clouds, as though it’s an ocean.
All the dirtied words have disappeared; they’ve disappeared.

The crying is just your imagination, just your imagination.
By now, not a single thing can be seen in that place.

Eiga (Konte 2012/11/16 17:24)

Sagashiteru oto   oosugite   oosugite
Dokoka ni nani wo wasureta ka   wasureta sa

Sora ni wa kumo hitotsu nakute   maru de umi
Yogoreta kotoba mo kieta   kieta nda

Naiteru no wa ki no sei da   ki no sei da
Soko ni wa mou nani hitotsu   mie wa shinai

映画 (コンテ 2012/11/16 17:24)

探してる音 多すぎて 多すぎて
どこかに何を忘れたか 忘れたさ

空には雲一つなくて まるで海
汚れた言葉に消えた 消えたんだ

泣いてるのは気のせいだ 気のせいだ
そこにはもう何一つ 見えはしない

Kanji source: Uta-Net for album version; differences transcribed by ear (=耳コピ)

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