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sakanaction – Eiga

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sakanaction, sakanaction

This is actually the second version of “Eiga”; the first version was released on the single for Music (apparently with no official lyrics by the wishes of the artist). There are a few interesting differences between the two versions. In fact, this song overall is fascinating, and I feel like it says a lot for its brevity. To me – and note that I’m a relative newcomer to sakanaction’s work – it really seems like Yamaguchi’s personal feelings about how his band has progressed over time and the vision he’d like it to fulfill.

(A reminder that could help clarify a certain line later: recall that ‘sakana’ in the band’s name means ‘fish’.)

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Performance: sakanaction

These sounds I’m searching for – there are far too many, far too many;
I’ve forgotten what I forgot here in this room.

The floor is completely devoid of lies, as though it’s soil.
I planted some dirtied words, planted them.

The crying is just your imagination, just your imagination.
By now, not a single thing can be seen in that place.

Ascending days, these ascending days are blindfolded migrating birds.
Ascending days, what if these ascending days were lights like scales?

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou

Sagashiteru oto   oosugite   oosugite
Kono heya de nani wo wasureta ka   wasureta sa

Yuka ni wa uso hitotsu nakute   maru de tsuchi
Yogoreta kotoba wo ueta   ueta nda

Naiteru no wa ki no sei da   ki no sei da
Soko ni wa mou nani hitotsu   mie wa shinai

Ue yuku hibi wa   ue yuku hibi wa mekakushi sareta wataridori da
Ue yuku hibi wa   ue yuku hibi wa uroko mitai na hikari dattara


探してる音 多すぎて 多すぎて
この部屋で何を忘れたか 忘れたさ

床には嘘一つなくて まるで土
汚れた言葉を植えた 植えたんだ

泣いてるのは気のせいだ 気のせいだ
そこにはもう何一つ 見えはしない

上行く日々は 上行く日々は目隠しされた渡り鳥だ
上行く日々は 上行く日々は鱗みたいな光だったら

Kanji source: Uta-Net

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