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[2014-12-31] owaranai party


well, nothing much to say for today, but I thought I should check in briefly before the posting year ends.

I’m actually in Japan right now for comiket and things, so it’s already 2015. comiket was wonderful damage to my wallet and legs and I partied for seven hours overnight at mogra before visiting shrine, so I’m pretty wrecked.

even with the bustle, though, I still find my mind on the work I do here on this site, so here I am posting on my phone. chances are that this post shouldn’t be read by anyone, but oh well.

here’s to a great 2015!

4 thoughts on “[2014-12-31] owaranai party

  1. I’m sure a few people read it, even if they do so passively. A bit late but also a happy new year to you and enjoy your stay in japan. :)

    • For me you’ve always been the first source for lyric translation and I always recommend your translation if available. I love your work for the accuracy you try to achieve and for the thought you put into every translation including side-notes, if you are not sure or if things are just ambiguous. Lyric translation is hard, especially in japanese where everything is so ambiguous and not many are able to pull it of like you do.

      Thanks for your work and I hope we see lyric translations from you for many years to come. :)

      • Appreciate the kind words. For me, reading and translating lyrics has always been about exploring the corners of other people’s worlds. I feel that translation, by nature of granting understanding, is a way to forge connections of between people and cultures, even if those connections are one-way and indirect sometimes. It’s comforting, in a way, to know that I’m not the only one interested in these connections that lie off the main path. Without an audience to keep me translating, without a reason to examine the words so closely, I’m not sure if I’d be diving so deep myself.

        At the same time, I’m always a bit ambivalent about the fact that what I do here has direct effect on the readers’ perception of others’ work, so I’m never sure how much attention I want to draw to my site. Control over communication is a powerful thing, and when I’ve taken on such an important task along with the expectations that are attached, my mission is to convey the soul of things with as much clarity as possible. Naturally, I do have some confidence in my own ability to do that, or I wouldn’t be here, but there’s always that uncertainty.

        At the end of the day, though, I do like the feeling of having the small regular audience that I have. I’m pretty bad at responding to mail (working on that now), but I have noticed the little comments you’ve left here over the years, and it’s amazing to think about how there are people who have been reading my stuff for years.

        So, I think I’ll be here for a while, doing what I can. I hope I’ll continue to be of help to you and all the other readers, and thanks for flying with us!

  2. I’ve always wondered why some people translate lyrics, as it has seemed to me to be a rather fruitless and unrewarding job that takes much time. At first listening to Japanese music, I didn’t understand any of it and disregarded the lyrics, choosing to enjoy the purely musical aspects of the song. But after some time looking at translations, I’ve come to really appreciate the meanings behind the words that I couldn’t understand, especially the words that can be interpreted in so many ways, and that made me truly appreciate the music for what it was. The lyrics, rather than accompanying the music, became an aspect of the music and my enjoyment of it.
    My initial reason for visiting this site was to find the lyrics to the many School Food Punishment songs I loved, and since you’ve done a complete job of translating them, this was the perfect place to look. But a lot of songs from other artists have their own lyrics that I wanted to understand, so over time I visited this site occasionally to see your translations. I believe you do a great job at it and really appreciate that you take time to do this. For me, at least, it would be hard to dedicate my time to something that seems so selfless. I really do admire your efforts and hope you continue to translate, for whatever reasons you do.

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