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[Piano] Air – Natsukage

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夏影 (Natsukage – Summer Lights)
Composer: KEY = 麻枝准 (Maeda Jun)
Piano Arrangement: KIYO = 水月陵 (Mizutsuki Ryou)

Whoops, there’s so much time between my uploads that my post format changes every time.

I played this song before in 2008 but I took it down for reasons, and I decided to play it again now that I have an okay microphone.

Sheet music: http://sperion.web.fc2.com/main.html#score_anime

I hadn’t played this song for years before this. Also for reasons. I really intended to just record a different piece, but I wanted to test my setup, and this is the idea that came to mind, so I just ran with it. Basically, I guess I’m just trying to confirm that I’m still alive.

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