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Plastic Memories – Ring of Fortune (TV-size)


Sasaki Eri, Plastic Memories OP

This translation was done by ear [= 耳コピ], so there may end up being errors in the transcription, which may affect the TL. I’ll make sure to update once the full official lyrics are out.

Lyrics are by the writer of Plastic Memories himself!

Ring of Fortune
Vocals: Sasaki Eri
Lyrics: Hayashi Naotaka
Composition / Arrangement: Chiba “naotyu-” Naoki

Collect the light…

Somewhere far away, a dream
Of watching memories of goodbyes, deep within my eyes…
Transient memories that will eventually break down.
Let’s wipe away these tears of loneliness.

Your outstretched arms are a ferris wheel;
Enclose me, gently.
Fragments of memories, on the brink of waking up…
I’ve been praying that I could cast my eyes down and disappear,

But you found this voice in me.
The needle of the clock has begun to move – soon enough, color will come to the world.
This plastic heart will shine.
Don’t forget; please, remember,
Until the day we meet again, someday.

Ring of Fortune
Vocals: Sasaki Eri
Lyrics: Hayashi Naotaka
Composition / Arrangement: Chiba “naotyu-” Naoki

Hikari wo atsumete…

Sayonara no omoide wo
Hitomi ni tataete mitsumeru yume   tooku
Kowarete shimau utakata no memorii
Samishisa no namida sotto fukou

Nobashita te wa kanransha
Yasashiku toraete
Mezamesou na kioku no kakera
Utsumuite kiete hoshii to inoru kedo

Kimi ga mitsukete kureta   kono koe wo
Ugokidashita tokei no hari sekai wa yagate irodzuite
Purasutikku no kokoro ga kagayakidasu yo
Wasurenai de   oboete ite
Itsuka mata meguriaeru hi made

Ring of Fortune


瞳に湛えて見つめる夢 遠く


君が見つけてくれた この声を
動き出した時計の針 世界はやがて色付いて
忘れないで 憶えていて

Kanji source: by ear, see above

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