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Mare (Sawano Hiroyuki) – Marezora


Sawano Hiroyuki, Mare OP

I’m really enjoying this show. Right from the get go, that scene with young Mare in the classroom was great.

The lyrics are by Tsuchiya Tao, the actress of (grown-up) Mare herself! She has this to say about the song:

I wrote this as an expression of the pleasant atmosphere I felt on-location in Noto, and all the emotions I’ve felt over the course of my own life up to now, put into words for the people important to me. We live in a very materially-blessed era, but maybe it’s also a period where it’s hard to feel the presence of happiness, or even an era where it’s hard for people to connect to each other heart-to-heart – that’s the feeling I get sometimes. But because of that, I think it’s all the more important to make that one step toward the search for true bonds. If the listeners love the song along with the world of Mare, if I can connect to the hearts of our viewers, it would make me happy.

When I was filming on-location in Noto, I heard of a word for visitors who introduce culture from other places, “marebito” [from ‘mare’, rare/unusual/seldom, and ‘hito’, person]. There are times when people look at the sky with various emotions, and I think, the sky really does connect all kinds of culture and places and people from great distances away, so borrowing the sound of that word, “marebito,” how about a new word, “Marezora” [from ‘sora’, sky]?

So using the kanji of Mare’s name, we get 「希空~まれぞら~」. The beauty of the sky in Noto was just unforgettable, and that sky is really one piece of the greater sky that connects the whole world – I think that’s wonderful.

Incidentally, now that I watch a bit of live action, I thought I may as well make a list. I probably won’t use it a whole lot, but who knows.

Rare Sky
Lyrics: Tsuchiya Tao
Composition: Sawano Hiroyuki

Come on, let’s run out there, right now.
Even if the future is far away for now.
Even if the nights of crying alone
Continue on,
I’ll go toward my true self.
The stronger and colder the wind blows,
The more it teaches me
About the people I’m meant to meet.
Please, give it a try and softly unravel
The map of hope.
The warm futures that could be
Are waiting for us.

Now, let’s set out on the journey, without fear,
Even if it’s only one small step.
The places you’re meant to see,
The people you’re meant to meet
Are waiting for you.

Lyrics: Tsuchiya Tao
Composition: Sawano Hiroyuki

Saa kakedasou yo, ima sugu ni
Mirai ga ima wa tookute mo
Hitoribocchi no mama de
Naku yoru ga tsudzuite mo
Hontou no watashi e
Kaze ga tsuyoku tsumetai hodo
Oshiete kureru
Deau beki hito no koto wo
Douka kibou no chizu wo
Sotto hiraite mite ne
Atatakai miraitachi ga
Bokura wo matte iru yo

Saa tabi ni deyou, osorezu ni
Chiisa na ippo da to shite mo
Deau hazu no basho ga
Deau hazu no hitotachi ga
Anata wo matte iru




Kanji source: kget.jp

3 thoughts on “Mare (Sawano Hiroyuki) – Marezora

  1. This is excellent information! Thank you so much. We are just commencing to watch ‘Mare’ this weekend. One question about the theme song: who does the vocals? It sounds like a choral group? But… can’t find anything online about this, only the composition and lyrics. Any help appreciated!

    • I would guess that it’s the cast of the show. I don’t have access to any of the CD booklets, so I don’t have a whole lot of information either, but Amazon Japan’s tracklisting for the third OST suggests this.

      • Thanks for the very quick reply! I’ll dig around a bit more online and I’ll post back here if I find any more sooner or later, since your page seems to be the main online resource in English for this song. And thanks for the tip about the Amazon Japan listing, I’ll have a look at that too. Looks like a nice drama, after we’ve watched the first 3 eps so far.

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