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tilt-six feat. Hatsune Miku – Wasureru

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tilt-six feat. Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid original song, collected in </TearDrop>

NicoNico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22162921

And here we have the sister song (melodically) to 「Hoshizora Rain」. I remember when I first heard the song, the shared chorus melody was the first thing I noticed, but probably right around the song’s “tilt time”, I really felt the song take on a character of its own.

Music & Lyrics: tilt-six

The state I’m in seems so unreal.
I’m doubting my own eyes.
I can’t catch up
To my own impossible feelings.

The days we, the days we spent laughing,
The way we, the way we touched,
How we talked, how we talked yesterday…
They’re all fading from my sight.

Again, the me of today and the you of tomorrow…
I feel sure, will we forget everything someday?
To keep me from seeing that for just a little longer,
Let today and tomorrow
Seep into me even more.

Accidentally, our hands touch;
Flustered, we hid them away.
You smiled at me in the gap between the tall buildings.

Your smiling, your smiling face,
The touch of, the touch of your skin,
The things we, the things we talked about…
I want to sear it all into my mind.

Now, from the tears that flowed out unexpectedly,
You’ve once again learned a weak side of me; I wanted to leave that in your heart.
The me of today and the you of tomorrow…
I’m sure that someday, we’ll forget everything.

Right now, next to you,
I exist here, in this place.
Ten years from now, will it still be here, unchanged?
Will it remember all of the days we spent here?
Will the you and I of today be here forever, too, I wonder?

The me of today, and the you of tomorrow…
I’m sure, someday… I’m sure that someday,
We’ll forget everything…

Music & Lyrics: tilt-six

Uso mitai na joutai desu
Wa ga me sae utagaimasu
Masaka no kono kanjou ni
Jibun jishin oitsukenai

Waratta   waratta   hibi mo
Sawatta   sawatta   koto mo
Hanashita   hanashita   kinou mo
Mienaku naru

Mata kyou no watashi mo   asu no anata mo
Kitto itsuka wa   zenbu wasurete shimau no?
Ato sukoshi dake      mienai you ni
Kyou wo ashita wo      motto
Shimikomasete yo

Guuzen fureta te
Awatete kakushita
Takai biru no sukima de hohoende kureta kara

Waratta   waratta   kao mo
Sawatta   sawatta   hada mo
Hanashita   hanashita   koto mo

Ima fui ni nagareta   namida kara mata
Yowai watashi wo shitta   kokoro ni nokoshitakute
Kyou no watashi mo         asu no anata mo
Kitto itsuka wa   zenbu wasurete shimau yo

Ima wa anata no soba de
Watashi mo iru basho
Juunengo ni mo soko ni kawaranai mama
Subete no futari no hibi wo oboete
Kyou no futari mo zutto koko ni iru no kana

Kyou no watashi mo   asu no anata mo
Kitto itsuka wa   kitto itsuka wa
Zenbu wasurete shimau kara



笑った 笑った 日々も
触った 触った ことも
話した 話した 昨日も

また今日の私も 明日のあなたも
きっといつかは 全部忘れてしまうの?
あと少しだけ  見えないように
今日を明日を  もっと


笑った 笑った 顔も
触った 触った 肌も
話した 話した 事も

今不意に流れた 涙からまた
弱い私を知った 心に残したくて
今日の私も   明日のあなたも
きっといつかは 全部忘れてしまうよ


今日の私も 明日のあなたも
きっといつかは きっといつかは

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