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la la larks – Q And A


la la larks, c/w Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan ED Hallelujah

This translation is part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project, under the la la larks branch.

Q And A
Lyrics/ Composition / Arrangement: la la larks

Endlessly, I continue on.
Never knowing where I’m going to arrive,
The question marks are always in control of my mind.

Sadness, happiness – which one is more abundant?
It’s the presence or lack of talent, the conclusion of hard work.

Comparing to others, swinging between joy and fear,
Affirmation and denial, repeating again,
Mixing in my hopes, assigning points,
I’m trying to find out my own value.

Nobody ever knows.
Nobody can measure that – that’s absolute.
The answer to the question appears, but it can’t be explained.

Territory, community, justice or evil –
We all plant the seeds of our own senses of values and lose sight of “normality”.

Tormented by inferiority and powerlessness,
Treating overconfidence with scorn –
Sensitive? Dense? Neither one of those?
I want to go along with the chaos and disappear!

Nobody ever knows.
Nobody is perfect – that’s absolute.
In spite of that, why do I tidy myself up and put on airs?

Are they all more calculating?
Or are they more defenseless?
Beneath those composed faces,
Do they harbor the same questions?

Nobody ever knows.
That’s all you need to know – that’s absolute.
The chains of doubt will continue as long as I live, on and on.

At the end of the horizon,
What awaits is not despair – that’s absolute.
Proceed with pride – you don’t need an answer.

Q And A
Lyrics/ Composition / Arrangement: la la larks

Hate shinaku tsudzuku
Ikitsuku saki mo wakaranai mama
Gimonfu ga zutto   atama wo shihai shiteru

Kanashimi   yorokobi   dochira ga ooi ka?
Sainou no arunashi   doryoku no ketsumatsu

Hito to kurabe   ikki ichiyuu shite
Koutei   hitei   kurikaeshite
Kibou majiete   tensuu tsuke
Jibun no kachi wo shirou to shiteru

Dare ni mo wakaranai
Dare ni mo hakare ya shinai nda   zuettai
Gimon no kotae wa   deteru no ni warikirenai

Teritorii   komyunitii   seigi ka aku ka
Kachikan   uetsukeatte “futsuu” wo miushinau

Rettoukan   muryokukan   sainamarete
Jishin kajou wo sagesunde
Binkan? donkan? docchi demo nai?
Konran ni joujite kietai!

Dare ni mo wakaranai
Dareshi mo kanpeki ja nai nda   zettai
Sore nano ni doushite mie wo hari   tsukurotte shimau

Dare mo ga motto keisan shiteru no?
Sore to mo   motto muboubi nano?
Heizen to shita kao no sono ura
Onaji gimon   idaiteru no?

Dare ni mo wakaranai
Sore dake wakattereba ii nda   zettai
Gimon no rensa wa   ikiteku kagiri tsudzuku   zutto

Chiheisen no hate
Matsu no wa zetsubou ja nai nda   zettai
Mune wo hatte susume   kotae wa nakute mo ii

Q And A
作詞・作曲・編曲:la la larks

疑問符がずっと 頭を支配してる

悲しみ 喜び どちらが多いか?
才能のあるなし 努力の結末

人と比べ 一喜一憂して
肯定 否定 繰り返して
希望交えて 点数つけ

誰にも測れやしないんだ 絶対
疑問の答えは 出てるのに割り切れない

テリトリー コミュニティー 正義か悪か
価値観 植え付け合って「普通」を見失う

劣等感 無力感 苛まれて

誰しも完璧じゃないんだ 絶対
それなのにどうして見栄を張り 繕ってしまう?

それとも もっと無防備なの?
同じ疑問 抱いてるの?

それだけわかってればいいんだ 絶対
疑問の連鎖は 生きてく限り続く ずっと

待つのは絶望じゃないんだ 絶対
胸を張って進め 答えはなくてもいい

Kanji source: Uta-Net

5 thoughts on “la la larks – Q And A

  1. The intro is really soothing yet touching too. Makes me feel want to cry.

  2. These lyrics run very deep with me… damn.

    Man I haven’t watched anime for almost a year now. There was a time when I would watch at least the first episode of every new airing show each season… I want more time in my hands again!

  3. Hey ya bambooXZX, could you do me a favor if you have a few minutes on your hand and just quickly read through the lyrics of Golden Time OP2 (The World’s end)? If you don’t have the time then just ignore this. No problem.
    I have found 2 translations and both seem either extremely inaccurate or with way too many liberties taken…
    Which of these is the better version. :/?


    Which should I read along to when hearing the song because man I really fucking love that song, the full version is just amazing.

    • Eh, hard to say. I don’t think either of them are particularly good, but I’d lean toward the first one. Both of them have some definite errors. The second one’s biggest problem, though, is overinterpretation; the first one is less coherent but also less likely to betray you.

      I might do this one myself at some point later™, when I have more time to think it over. The song actually is a bit tricky.

  4. Just letting you know I’ve really appreciated your translation! :)
    Been a big fan of sfp since I found futuristic imagination, and glad to know you’re also following la la larks now they’re disbanded ;__;

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