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[2015-12-31] _ノ乙(、ン、)_



Well, it’s probably obvious from the absence of posts that this has not been a good period of time for me. In fact, it’s the longest break I’ve taken since I started this thing – before this, I don’t believe I’ve ever taken a break much longer than two months.

I got myself to a fairly good place early on in the year, all things considered, but in the end real life issues were just too much. I tried to hold on for a while, but eventually I felt like I needed to let go, at least for a time, just to get by.

Honest assessment? I’m not really getting by. But somehow, I’m still here.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m sitting here with a sore throat from common cold, just entering data so I can finally get rid of receipts and documents from five years back. And you know what? My mind is clearer than it has been for months, so here I am. Not that that’s saying much.

I feel like I’m being even more long-winded with my wording than usual. It’s always been difficult for me to gauge my own tone in these pieces, though… Oh well, in any case, small steps. I’ll cut this short – I needed to sleep anyway. Sorry I’m not going to provide anything of real substance this time (I’m sure it’s an unexpected crushing disappointment to all of my dear readers – all three of you), but hopefully I won’t drop out again for a little while.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “[2015-12-31] _ノ乙(、ン、)_

  1. Was just thinking about if you’d write something again for new year. ;)

    I Hope everything falls into place for you again.
    Struggling a bit myself while the big questions are looming above my head, like wtf am I going to do with my life and stuff…

    ‘Nuff said. I’m going back to my corner now.

    And, albeit a bit late: Happy New Year~

    P.S.: I wonder who the third person is :P

  2. Perhaps I’ll take up the stage as the third, for what it’s worth. Of course it’s 5 months after the fact.

    I still find myself coming back to this site time and time again since I first stumbled upon it over a year ago (although you can mostly thank my music tastes and Google for that). Since you haven’t made a post here in 5 months, just want to wish you the best and hope that things are still clearing themselves up. Even me, one of the most level-headed people the people I know know, is currently struggling with that little thing called life after receiving multiple set backs. Only one thing to do, keep your head turn to the skies and pay no heed to the hardship around you. “The darkest hour is just before the dawn” -Cheesy Cliche Quotes

    PS: I’ve read your translated lyrics to 04:59 so many times that it’s nostalgic to me now lol.

    PSS: Happy New May~

  3. Stumbled upon this site today for the first time while looking up observer 3 from sfp, but wanted to say hope things have gotten better for you. I’ll take a look around the site, but hopefully look forward to your return someday.

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