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【Supplemental Materials】 RADWIMPS – Aitowa | あいとわ

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RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on March 10, 2015

This is the fourth in a series of (currently) eight related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)
6: 『空窓』 (Soramado)
7: 『夜の淵』 (Yoru no Fuchi)
8: 『世界の果て』 (Sekai no Hate)

The song that RADWIMPS uploaded on March 11, 2015 actually included an English translation in its upload description. This post contains all of the usual side information I would put with a translation – romaji and copy/pastable Japanese are useful for learning purposes, and artist comments are of great interest for songs like this. I feel like it would be better not to translate the song myself when there’s already an artist-approved version, so I’ll be leaving that out. I do have a few notes, though:
-The title, while written in slightly different Japanese spelling from usual, essentially means “Love Is“. The way the title is actually spelled suggests 永久 (towa), meaning “eternity”.
-The official English translation uses the word “nuke” in a few of the choruses; it should be noted that the original Japanese word, 原発 (genpatsu), unambiguously refers to a nuclear power plant, not a nuclear bomb.

The official English translation can be found here.

A translation of the description:

We’ve made another song this year for this day.
Its title is 『Aitowa』. Please do listen.

Four years have passed since then.
People who never want to remember that day again.
People who don’t want to forget about people important to them.
People who wait for the return of people important to them even now.
People who turn to face new lives.
People who come and go in the space between.
I think none of them are wrong, and they alone, with their willpower, are able to decide what they do.
No matter how much I could try to understand, I don’t understand, and I wouldn’t even want to feel like I understand. No matter how far I extend my hand, I can’t go there, so I’d like to at least keep on facing the things that happened that day, the things that appear in my eyes, from where I am.

The video is today’s sky above Rikuzentakata. We were worried about heavy snow on the way there, but the weather cleared with the morning sun. It was a beautiful sky. Thank you for having us.

Sugai Masayoshi-san did the recording. Thank you for the emotion-filled mix.
Tokuzawa Seigen-san, who arranged the strings. Thank you for exerting your energy despite the lack of time.
Once again, this time’s video was by Shimada Daisuke of Qotori film. Thank you so much for working through the cold and the fatigue. It’s because Dai-chan is here that we can always do this. Love you.
Shinozaki Megumi-san of edenworks, who assisted us with the flowers. Thank you for all the wonderful flowers, even when the request was so sudden.
Chie of Meltcandle, who helped us with the candles, thank you for the warm handmade candles.
Thank you, Ebina Asumi-san, AKA “Ebi-chan”, for all kinds of preparation and arrangements.
Tajima Mamoru, AKA “Taji”, thank you so much for your hard work for the long, tiring drive.

At present time, there are over 50,000 people living in provisional housing.
It is said that in total, there are over 22,000 people who have moved from the places they used to reside and continue to live evacuated. May their 『everyday』 return soon.

For those who died in the earthquake four years ago, for those who continue to suffer even now, and for all the lives in the world that are taken away by unreasonable forces, hands together in prayer.



Violin・Toudou Masahiko
Violin・Kajitani Yuuko
Viola・Kikuchi Mikiyo
Cello・Tokuzawa Seigen

Strings Arrange: Tokuzawa Seigen


Genpatsu ga fukitobou to mo   shounen ga jibaku shiyou to mo
Sono yoko de bokura   ai wo katariau

Mou sugu horobu to iu no ni   ashita wa hareru to iu kara
“Sore jaa   maa ii ka” to   mezamashi wo kakeru

Sonna bokura no hibi

Boku no ai to wa   mukou ga sukete miesou na
Sore wa   nan to mo   tayorinai sugata de

Shikata nashi ni   akai koromo wo matoi
Ai no   imi no girigiri hashikko wo

Ittari kitari de   shozai nasage ni
Osoru osoru   atari wo miru no desu

Juusei ga narihibikou to mo   shoujo ga nakisakebou to mo
Sono yoko de bokura   ai wo chikaiau

Mou sugu horobu to iu no ni   sekkaku no kin’youbi to
Sore nara maa ii ka to yubi wo karameau   sonna bokura no ai

Sore demo   shinjite ii kana
Uso to machigai wo   noritsugu bokura

Sore demo   waratte ii kana
Boku no nanika de   kimi ga waratte kureta toki wa

Kimi no   namida wa ippai ni tameta sono
Egao wa naze ni   sore hodo utsukushii

Mi no take wo haruka ni   koeru itami no nami wo
Abite   sore demo nao   warau kara deshou

Genpatsu ga fukitobou to mo   shounen ga jibaku shiyou to mo
Sono yoko de bokura   ai wo katariau

Mou sugu horobu to iu nara   naosara tsuyoku nigiru yo
Ashita wa hareru to iu nara   oki ni iri no fuku de dekakeyou

Joudan mitai na higeki   bansoukou darake no memorii
Arienai kao de ashita wa kochira wo miru kedo sore demo bokura te wo nigirou

Tsugi no iki wo   suikomou

Genpatsu ga fukitobou to mo   shounen ga jibaku shiyou to mo
Sono yoko de bokura   ai wo katariau


原発が吹き飛ぼうとも 少年が自爆しようとも
その横で僕ら 愛を語り合う

もうすぐ滅ぶというのに 明日は晴れると言うから
「それじゃあ まぁいいか」と 目覚ましをかける


僕の愛とは 向こうが透けて見えそうな
それは なんとも 頼りない姿で

仕方なしに 紅い衣をまとい
愛の 意味のギリギリ端っこを

行ったり来たりで 所在なさげに
おそるおそる あたりを見るのです

銃声が鳴り響こうとも 少女が泣き叫ぼうとも
その横で僕ら 愛を誓い合う

もうすぐ滅ぶというのに せっかくの金曜日と
それならまぁいいかと指をからめ合う そんな僕らの愛

それでも 信じていいかな
嘘と間違いを 乗り継ぐ僕ら

それでも 笑っていいかな
僕のなにかで 君が笑ってくれた時は

君の 涙をいっぱいに溜めたその
笑顔はなぜに それほど美しい

身の丈を遥かに  超える痛みの波を
浴びて それでもなお 笑うからでしょう

原発が吹き飛ぼうとも 少年が自爆しようとも
その横で僕ら 愛を語り合う

もうすぐ滅ぶというなら なおさら強く握るよ
明日は晴れると言うなら お気に入りの服で出かけよう

冗談みたいな悲劇 絆創膏だらけのメモリー

次の息を 吸いこもう

原発が吹き飛ぼうとも 少年が自爆しようとも
その横で僕ら 愛を語り合う

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  1. Thankyou for your translation, it’s really helpful.. :)

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