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【Lyrics TL】 RADWIMPS – Soramado | 空窓

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【Lyrics Translation】 RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on April 8, 2018

This is the sixth in a series of (currently) eight related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)
6: 『空窓』 (Soramado)
7: 『夜の淵』 (Yoru no Fuchi)
8: 『世界の果て』 (Sekai no Hate)

The title of this song is read ‘Soramado‘, as two kanji together which mean “sky” and “window”. However, another valid reading for those characters is ‘Kuusou‘ – while this isn’t an established compound in Japanese, it has the same pronunciation as 空想 (fantasy, daydream, something imagined). Yojiro Noda, the frontman and songwriter of RADWIMPS, has clarified on Twitter that while he reads the title as ‘Soramado‘, he of course named the song to make both readings possible and honestly both ways are fine.

As far as my knowledge goes, RADWIMPS never released a similar song in 2017, so this song came as a surprise to me – but if I recall correctly, Noda has talked about how the making of the soundtrack for Kimi no Na wa. was a part of his healing process, so I’m sure his activities related to that played a part.

A translation of the video description, also written by Noda:

It’s been seven years since then. I’ve made another song this year. I didn’t make it time for March 11, but here it is today. Its title is 『Soramado』.

Namie High School of Fukushima closed on March 31 last year. I received letters from students in that school’s last graduating class. I wrote this year’s lyrics based on those.

Feelings from the moment the disaster happened, the feeling of leaving family, people who remain, people who leave – seven years is a huge amount of time for a teenager. As I don’t share that experience, all I can do is imagine it. I wanted to, as well as I could, take the feelings I received from those words and express them in sound in just the right measure. Please do listen.

Once again, this year’s video is by Qotori film. It’s the sky from March 11, 2018. It was a strange sky. This year, I asked Sawamoto-kun, who’s done work with me together with Sugai-san for years, to do the sound engineering.

May peaceful times come soon to the people who are still not free from the effects of the disaster even now. And for all of the lives that were lost in the disaster, a prayer.

Sky Window

How have you been doing since then?
Have you gotten used to the unfamiliar landscape yet?

Well, as for me, those words that should have been so unfamiliar
Have already become natural to me.

At the time, not knowing anything, we left the house like Dad told us to.
We just figured we’d be able to go back soon in two or three days – it’s been seven years since that day.

Friends we left on bad terms with, brothers who left home and never came back,
Thank yous and apologies that were left unsaid – with all of these up in the air, we’ve made it to today.

Time makes us grow, but time takes us further away from that place.
I wonder, is our hometown waiting for us even now?

Now, with new friends, in new cities, we’re saying new words of “I’m home”.
With loneliness and happiness, and just a little bit of guilt, we’re alive, together.

And here I am – if you asked me if I want to go back, I wouldn’t have a quick answer.
What I want to go back to isn’t so much that place, but just that person, that time.

I’ve thought, maybe parting is happier when you can say a proper goodbye.
It seems that I’ve grown strong, though I’m not really sure what strength is.
It seems that I cried out all of my tears back then.

Time makes us grow, but time takes us further away from that place.

It seems that I’ve grown strong, though I’m not really sure what weakness is.
Maybe it’s just that I’ve learned how to put a lid on my heart – but if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have made it here.

But just for today, I’ll lift up that lid and go meet you.


Are kara omae wa dou shite iru ka
Minarenu keshiki wa mou nareta ka

Ore wa ore de sa are hodo kikinarenakatta
Hazu no kotoba ga mou ita ni tsuita yo

Ano toki no bokura wa nani mo wakarazu oyaji ga iu mama ie wo deta nda
Futsuka ka mitsuka de sugu kaereru mono to bakari omotteta ano hi kara nananen

Kenka shita mama wakareta tomo ya ie wo deta kiri kaeranu ani ya
Ienai mama no arigatou, gomen ga chuuburarin no mama kyou made kita yo

Toki ga bokura wo ookiku suru kedo toki wa bokura wo ano basho kara toozakeru
Bokura no furusato wa ima demo sa bokura wo mattete kureteru darou ka

Atarashii tomo to atarashii machi de atarashii tadaima wo ima wa itteru yo
Sabishisa, ureshisa to hon no sukoshi no ushirometasa to issho ni ikiteru yo

Kaeritai ka to kikarete mo sugu kotaerarenai boku ga iru yo
Kaeritai no wa ano basho yori ka ano hito to ano toki ni kaeritai dake

Sayonara wo chanto ieru wakare wa shiawase nano kamo nante omotta yo
Boku wa douyara tsuyoku natta tsuyosa ga nani ka wa yoku shiranai kedo
Ano toki douyara namida wa nagashi kitta

Toki ga bokura wo ookiku suru kedo toki wa bokura wo ano basho kara toozakeru

Boku wa douyara tsuyoku natta yowasa ga nani ka wa shiranai kedo
Kokoro no futashikata wo shitta dake kamo demo sou demo shinai to yatte korenakatta

Dakedo kyou dake wa kono futa wo akete anata ni ai ni iku


あれからお前は どうしているか
見慣れぬ景色は もう慣れたか

俺は俺でさ あれほど聞き馴れなかった
はずの言葉が もう板についたよ

あの時の僕らは何も分からず 親父が言うまま 家を出たんだ
2日か3日ですぐ帰れるものと ばかり思ってた あの日から7年

ケンカしたまま別れた友や 家を出たきり帰らぬ兄や
言えないままの ありがとう、ごめんが宙ぶらりんのまま今日まで来たよ

時が僕らを大きくするけど 時は僕らをあの場所から遠ざける
僕らの故郷は今でもさ  僕らを待っててくれてるだろうか

新しい友と新しい街で 新しいただいまを今は言ってるよ
寂しさ、嬉しさと ほんの少しの 後ろめたさと 一緒に生きてるよ

帰りたいかと聞かれても すぐ答えられない 僕がいるよ
帰りたいのは あの場所よりか  あの人とあの時に 帰りたいだけ

さよならをちゃんと 言える別れは 幸せなのかも なんて思ったよ
僕はどうやら 強くなった 強さが何かは よく知らないけど
あの時 どうやら 涙は流し切った

時が僕らを 大きくするけど 時は僕らを あの場所から遠ざける

僕はどうやら 強くなった 弱さが何かは 知らないけど
心の蓋仕方を知っただけかも でもそうでもしないと やってこれなかった

だけど今日だけはこの蓋を 開けてあなたに 会いに行く

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