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【Lyrics Translation】 BUMP OF CHICKEN, Granblue Fantasy The Animation OP, Butterflies

According to the band in interviews, once they heard the demo for this song, it was very quickly selected to be the lead song of the album. I feel like the lyrics paint a pretty interesting picture of Lyria, all the more impressive considering that this song was one that’s so close to the artists, with the tie-in coming so much later. Too bad the anime is delayed…

It’s also interesting how BUMP OF CHICKEN songs tend to have certain recurring words – specifically ‘body’ as I’ve also observed in “Fighter” and “Hello,world!”. I’m sure there are more (notably ‘gem’), so I was a bit hesitant about doing this before I’d heard the rest of the band’s work, but I decided to go through with it anyway for now. I’ll keep an eye out for new discoveries.

Lyrics / Composition: Fujiwara Motoo

I realized that I was bad at walking, always bumping into things, covered in cuts,
With no clear idea of where I should go, on top of this round and uneven earth.
I’d only ever get scolded, so I froze up, hanging my head.
In that unmoving state, I was listening to the trumpets echoing far away.

Being at a loss, standing still, my tears made a little pool of water.
The countless lights reflected on the surface whisper to me with nostalgic voices.

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BUMP OF CHICKEN, 3-gatsu no Lion collaboration song / ending theme, collected in Butterflies

Lyrics / Composition: Fujiwara Motoo

Before I knew it, I was already inside the storm
And I was losing track of the way home,
Holding tightly to an empty bag
Filled only with the scent of memory.

In the wind and rain that stole time away,
I became unable to see and hear.
My body alone would operate automatically,
Desperate to protect my almost-crying heart.

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Kekkai Sensen (BUMP OF CHICKEN) – Hello,world!


Don’t really know a way to update TV-size posts to full size in exactly the way I want, so I’m just going to make a new post. Also using WordPress’s new editor, just to shake things up.

My favorite anime opening of the season so far.

Lyrics / Composition: Fujiwara Motoo
Arrangement: BUMP OF CHICKEN & MOR
Performance: BUMP OF CHICKEN

When the gates open, it’s a twisted midday night.
How did I get back yesterday? The only certainty is my body.
Good morning. From here, I’ll go back to being lost,
Going through this this familiar unknown landscape.

Just when I think it’s all over for me, it turns out I can do just fine,
Good enough to keep myself from dying – in a way, it’s kind of embarrassing.
Even if I forget what I have to do, I can figure it out,
Because if I don’t, it gets so painful for me.

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