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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! – cuddle

ChouCho, Prisma Illya 3rei!! ending theme (episode 9)

A bit of a confession: I actually started Prisma Illya with the anime, starting from a few episodes into 3rei, having only experienced Grand Order and the DEEN stay night anime from the Fate fanchise prior. I’d just moved into a new apartment with some friends, and on the PC we hooked up to the TV, we ended up changing the settings to autoplay through entire folders, which led to marathonning of many things. We watched something like episodes 3 through 7 of 3rei in one sitting, and I was hooked so hard that I ended up starting back at the first season, catching up completely in three or four sittings on my own.

I am surely very excited for movie. のヮの

Lyrics: Matsui Youhei
Composition / Arrangement: Ishikawa Tomohisa
Vocals: ChouCho

The feelings inside me that don’t appear in any mirror
Were the same thing as the loneliness you’ve always carried.

Having the people important to you be there by your side
Is so much more special that any miracle.
I’ve finally realized that… I’m sure it’s a wish
That every person has. (We believe without fail.)

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