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UN-GO – Fantasy

LAMA, UN-GO ED, Cupid / Fantasy

I haven’t even heard the full song yet, but I love this so much that I just had to dive in.

Note: In line 2 of verse 6, most of the reliable lyrics sources I know use the word 話し合う (hanashiau, “talk to each other”), but just listening to the song, it sounds like ゆるしあう (yurushiau, “forgive each other”). I’m not sure whether this is a mistake or an intentional difference.

EDIT 11/14/11: After checking a scan of the booklet, it seems that “yurushiau” is indeed the correct word. Sorry about that.

Lyrics: LAMA
Composition: LAMA

A prayer whispered in the pale morning mist.
I will follow along the distorted landscape with you.

Seeking the ‘truth,’ “Even a ‘lie’ is fine,” is that right?
As though seeing right through each other, we go on.

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