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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Necessary

Mizuki Nana, Cross Ange insert song (episode 5); Eden

Lyrics: Matsui Gorou
Composition: Zetta
Arrangement: EFFY
Vocals: Mizuki Nana

Light spills out
From the spreading sky,
Turning the palms of my two hands
Into a pair of wings.

Forming this connection
In the quiet flow of time,
I wish this could all be a dream
Where the beginning continues on.

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DOG DAYS” (Mizuki Nana) – No Limit

Mizuki Nana, DOG DAYS” OP; Eden

No Limit
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Suyama Jun
Arrangement: Suyama Jun
Vocals: Mizuki Nana

Touch and go, Catch the sun!

Why did we meet each other, I wonder?
It’s a question that numbers can’t explain.
This mysterious discovery seems to make all history
Pale in comparison.

A perfect fit – a password from a heavenly voice.
A sympathetic link of cosmic degree.
Can you hear the inner stirrings of a new era’s genesis…?

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Shuumatsu no Love Song

Mizuki Nana, Cross Ange ED2; Eden

Love Song of the End
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Yoshiki Eriko
Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)
Vocals: Mizuki Nana

I’m lost in the curtains of a night wavering in amber,
With my heart in disarray to no avail.
Engulfed in the repeating waves of heartlessness,
I’d been wishing for contradictory serenity.

Against a reality that attacks so fiercely I’m unable to breathe,
With the truth always frozen over…

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Towagatari ~Hikari no Uta~

Ange (CV: Mizuki Nana), Cross Ange insert song; Cross Ange Original Soundtrack 1

This song and its variants have appeared several times in the story now. The interaction in episode 11 was just amazing.

‘El ragna’ appears to speak of ‘God’, possibly in reference to Ragnarok.

Edit note: The English translation has been significantly changed since it was originally posted here. I initially took certain verb conjugations ending in ん to be abbreviations of ない, signifying negation, as they commonly are, but in light of new information, they now seem more likely to be abbreviations of the archaic む, signifying volition/imperatives. From the start, I was already unsure of the decision to take the verbs as negatives, so I left a note here saying as much, and I got the tip about む from Azu of AnimeLyrics as a response. After some additional research of my own (at KafkaFuura’s reference page), I agree with that. While I’m still not fully clear on the subtleties of the form, the TL is probably more correct now. Sorry about the confusion; hopefully, when Towagatari ~El Ragna~ is released, I’ll get another chance to clear any misunderstanding I might have caused.

Eternal Story ~Song of Light~
Vocals: Ange (CV: Mizuki Nana)
Lyrics: Hibiki
Composition: Shikata Akiko
Arrangement: Shikata Akiko

Light of the beginning, shining… twinkling…
Light of the end… Lulala lila…

Restore it, El Ragna;
Let time overflow
Through the hourglass.
Lulala lila…

Hundreds of millions, countless flames of life –
Falling so effortlessly, they become stars.
As they flow and flow, beautifully,
They softly froth up once again
In the cradle of life and death.

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Kindan no Resistance

Mizuki Nana, Cross Ange OP

Forbidden Resistance
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Katou Yuusuke
Arrangement: Katou Yuusuke

The beginning is so dear to me that it’s cruel;
Is it testing me and the resistance in me, as I go toward the end…?
For what purpose was I born to live?
If all I do is struggle, I can’t obtain anything.

A paradise of empty dreams, where I was manipulated by the logic of destiny –
Is there any meaning in that place?

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Kakumeiki Valvrave – Kakumei Dualism

Mizuki Nana x T.M.Revolution, Kakumeiki Valvrave OP2 (season 2 OP)

Same deal as REALISM – scans leaked, fixed errors in transcription, new post instead of update, etc.

Plenty of kanji abuse here, as expected. I tried to express all double meanings in the English per usual. For more information, though, I’ve kept the readings in the Japanese lyrics here as they were in the booklet, for easy lookup.

One thing that goes for many of my translations, possibly more than usual for this one: apologies if my use of dashes makes things hard to follow in text. I find that it’s hard to maintain the overall flow otherwise; while this approach has problems of its own, sometimes switching lines just doesn’t cut it either.

Revolution Dualism
Lyrics: Hibiki
Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden)
Arrangement: Iwahashi Seima (Elements Garden)

The words we pledged on that morning of legend –
Let the miracle illuminate our shared voice.

Revolution, let’s shout!
Revolution, let’s shout!

The wind dances through the sky of light, and the echo blows through.
This right hand and this left hand –
What do they wish for?

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Kakumeiki Valvrave – Preserved Roses

T.M.Revolution x Mizuki Nana, Kakumeiki Valvrave OP

This is hands-down most awesome, most powerful, most heart-pumping anime song of the season. fripSide? Nothing on this. Linked Horizon? Nothing on this.

Preserved Roses
Words: Akio Inoue
Music & Arranged: Daisuke Asakura
Vocals: T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki

Pressed under every brief and fleeting dream,
The flower becomes a piece of eternity.
The deception pains the heart.
It will present to you
The loneliness of a caged life. Preserved Rose…

You only need to take what flows forth from deep within and change it into human form.
Everything is “too cold”, you say – then don’t unclasp your fingers from mine.

We can exist within either light or darkness.
Don’t be afraid – the morning that you dread will not come.
We’ll repeat only brilliance.
Connecting, then ending – once again…

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