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Rinne no Lagrange season2 – Wasurenai yo.

Nakajima Megumi, Rinne no Lagrange season2 ED2, Marble / Wasurenai yo.

I Won’t Forget.
Lyrics / Composition: Yabuki Kana
Arrangement: Shimizu Nobuyuki
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi

Rays of light illuminate my heart, rippling and rolling on the surface of the water.
I found myself looking up at the blue sky, connected to everything.

We had so much fun, so entranced that we’d lose track of time.
I made a wish: that all those days gone by would never disappear.

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Nakajima Megumi – Pumpkin Cake

Nakajima Megumi, c/w Rinne no Lagrange OP/ED TRY UNITE! / Hello!

Pumpkin Cake
Lyrics / Composition: Yabuki Kana
Arrangement: Suzuki Tomofumi
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi

With soft peaks of whipped cream, as though blanketing the two of us,
I tightly sealed in my embarrassment.
Add the time that has passed as a secret ingredient,
Then stir and stir and stir together with eggs and sugar.

Every day is a birthday, such a special feeling.
Once I take you by the hand, it begins – the time for just you and me.

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Rinne no Lagrange season2 – Marble

Nakajima Megumi, Rinne no Lagrange season2 OP, Marble / Wasurenai yo.

I just love everything about this song.

Honestly, I’m a little shaky about certain lines – namely, the four before the first chorus. It’s been a while since a song has given me this feeling, but I know it very well, and as I have before in similar cases, I highly recommend that anyone who’s interested enough in lyrics to read this should learn Japanese and analyze the original lyrics personally. Some songs will be more open-to-interpretation than others, and I believe that there is almost always great value in finding your own answer to them. I feel this holds especially true for a song as… personal? as this one.

That said, I’ve produced this translation with as much care as always, and I hope my interpretation feels right to you – that is, it feels like it fits into place.

Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho
Composition / Arrangement: Rasmus Faber
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi

Back then, we were stuck with
Propellers incapable of flight;
Looking up at the other half of the sky,
We’d run along with bare feet.
We always live confidently,
Knowing that we’ll make mistakes along the way.

I’m sorry for running away
That one time, when I felt that way.
The moment I looked away, the final
Bolt of lightning came crashing down.
But now, because I’ve lost things,
I won’t lose things now – nothing will disappear.

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livetune adding Megumi Nakajima – Transfer

livetune adding Megumi Nakajima, Transfer

lyric, music & Arrangement: kz(livetune)
adding artist: Megumi Nakajima

The schedule slips away right out of your hands.
The uncatchable future is always uncertain,
But don’t give up and think that you’ll never be able to change it.
An infinitely running number of lines is waiting for you.

I’m sure of it, yes, you just don’t realize yet –
You’re going to find a tiny gap
And change that single moment.

Transfer your line!

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Rinne no Lagrange – Hello!

Nakajima Megumi, Rinne no Lagrange ED

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Strings Arrangement: Hase Yasuhiro
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi


Try! There’s a heart that doesn’t give up, here in this chest of mine.
I won’t forget, never.
Don’t Cry. I’m sure it’s a promise we’ll keep, that you won’t go crying alone,
Because we’re always together.

If we take one piece of sorrow (and gently share it together…)
We can become stronger. Yeah!

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Rinne no Lagrange – TRY UNITE!

Nakajima Megumi, Rinne no Lagrange OP

Amazing, wonderful song. Definitely one of my favorite anime songs ever.

Lyrics: Saeki Kenzou
Composition / Arrangement: Rasmus Faber
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi

(Lag-Rin, Lag-Rin)

That girl in the tracksuit
Has something about her.
It feels like if you opened that zipper,
She could become anything at all.

Searching for something important, she could go to the ocean floor.
When the upwelling gets to be too much, then the ribbon comes off, too.

(Lag-Rin, Lag-Rin)

I’ll go out to meet you
The moment your distress sign
Calls out to me.

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Kämpfer – One-Way Ryouomoi

Senou Natsuru, Sakura Kaede (CV. Inoue Marina, Nakajima Megumi); Kämpfer ED

Now edited to the full version.

One-Way Mutual Love
Lyrics: Kodama Saori
Composition: Tashiro Tomokazu
Arrangement: Andou Takahiro
Vocals: Senou Natsuru, Sakura Kaede (CV. Inoue Marina, Nakajima Megumi)

One-way – I’m straying. It’s a sure win, L.L.L. LOVE!

Whenever I think about it, I want to curse God.
Your warm gaze makes me happy, but…
I’ve decided to be grateful to God for letting us meet.
Is it because I’m a girl that I can’t be with you?

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