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Hataraku Maou-sama! – Star Chart

nano.RIPE, Hataraku Maou-sama! ED (episode 5), Sankaku ep

This is the first song of the Sankaku ep.
Track 1: Star Chart
Track 2: Gekka
Track 3: Tsumabiku Hitori

When I first heard this song, I didn’t pay that much attention to it.

Then I read the lyrics.

Then I read the story behind the lyrics.

It’s beautiful.

Translated blog post by Kimiko: (original: http://ameblo.jp/nanoripe-kimiko/entry-11543258954.html)

In my blog post of November 22, 2012,
immediately after my vocal cord surgery when I still couldn’t talk,
I wrote about Star Chart.

That if I could recover my voice,
once I could sing again,
this is the song I’d like to sing the most.


Even looking back now,
November 2012 was a special month for me.

Maybe you could call it a turning point.
Or maybe you could call it a crossroads.
Not just because of the throat problems,
but also because I was facing choices like that in my private life during that period.

I wonder what “Star Chart”
sounds like to everyone else.
When I first added lyrics to this song,
I felt that I’d written such a sad song, even by my standards.
I wrote this kind of song,
and so I worried about whether I’d even be able to sing it when the time came.

But then, my voice returned, and when I did sing it,
it gave me a considerably different impression from when I wrote it.

For plenty of songs,
as I perform them live,
as I sing them on stage over and over,
My image of them changes gradually, and they grow as songs,
but no song had ever changed image quite so much before we first introduced this one.

The sky, turning and turning.
A star chart that fits in the palm of a hand.
Even if I look up into tonight’s sky and it all matches up,
the truth is that I don’t understand it all that well.

Maybe the lack of clarity makes it a good thing.
Maybe what’s unclear is you and me.

Things that will disappear are all the more beautiful for it.

Star Chart
words: Kimiko
music: Sasaki Jun
arrangement: nano.RIPE

Before the night turns to dawn, let me hear more, even more.

Let’s get out of the shaking city, taking the palm-sized sky in hand.
Right now, the melody you play is a lullaby just for me.

I wish for you to not disappear; you laugh and say you won’t disappear.
The hand I extended to make sure received its response – now, staying that way…

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Hataraku Maou-sama! – Tsumabiku Hitori

nano.RIPE, Hataraku Maou-sama! ED (episode 13), Sankaku ep

This is the third song of the Sankaku ep.
Track 1: Star Chart
Track 2: Gekka
Track 3: Tsumabiku Hitori

I’ve included a translation of a blog post Kimiko made regarding the song. (original: http://ameblo.jp/nanoripe-kimiko/entry-11543276347.html)

Originally meant to be a temporary title, “Tsumabiku Hitori”.
Just as the title says, this is a straightforward song
about the feeling of strumming a guitar by yourself, on a night with a beautiful moon.

I’m not sure what the true title was going to be anymore.
The other members and staff just kept on saying,
“Tsumabiku Hitori” is good! to the point where I just forgot.

Up until now, I’d never really used any words other than ones from everyday conversations in my lyrics,
but this time I was a little adventurous and tried writing with more variety.
With the rhyming in the song, it’s a lot of fun singing it.
That said, it’s not exactly a song you can sing with a smile on your face, either.
Also, it’s very fast.
It’s not such a problem with the lyrics,
but speed of the guitar part makes it pretty hard on my right hand at the lives.

I’m not a big fan of the phrase “only one”,
but I really am myself and no one else,
so basically, I am the unique “only one” of myself in the end.

So the song has ideas like that tumbling around.
Out of the three tracks, I think
this one has the most room for interpretation.

These three tracks form the “Sankaku ep”.
Please do enjoy these three different stories.

As a personal suggestion, I’d be quite happy if you
listen without shuffling and follow the track order.

Strumming Alone
words: Kimiko
music: Sasaki Jun
arrangement: nano.RIPE

The strumming fingertips are like the waning moon, an indistinct flame illuminating the path beyond these scattered days.
In the sound that remains after the cold echoes disappear, the night continues, permeating far and wide.

A road leading to the moon, a faint scent, a corner of my hazy field of view…
I got it wrong because they say that it’s a simple thing – I was crying?

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Hataraku Maou-sama! – Gekka

nano.RIPE, Hataraku Maou-sama! ED, Sankaku ep

This is the second song of the Sankaku ep.
Track 1: Star Chart
Track 2: Gekka
Track 3: Tsumabiku Hitori

; _ ;

Note: Song has been mislabeled as “Tsuki Hana” or “Tsukihana” in some places.

EDIT: Added a translated blog post by Kimiko. (original here: http://ameblo.jp/nanoripe-kimiko/entry-11543264393.html)

A rare request from Sasaki Jun regarding lyrics:
“Please don’t make it a dark song!”

And so, I made a positive song in my own way.
To put it simply, something like a song of a broken heart,
a song about starting a new journey.

By the way, the word “gekka” doesn’t actually exist;
I’m a big fan of Dragon Quest, and I came up with the
word based on its “Lunar Zoombloom” item.

The Lunar Zoombloom is a flower that only blooms at night.
When you safely retrieve it, you learn the “Zoom” spell,
which allows you to instantly move between towns.

“Gekka” is a song about starting a journey,
so I felt like this spell fit perfectly.

And so, once again the number of Dragon Quest songs has grown.
I wonder just how many songs I’ve used Dragon Quest as material for.

In terms of tempo and atmosphere,
this song’s feel might be something that hasn’t been in any of our work so far.
I personally like the “” at the beginning.

I’d like it if this song ends up having not a feeling of bracing yourself for anything,
but one of taking a single, relaxed step forward at your own pace.

words: Kimiko
music: Sasaki Jun
arrangement: nano.RIPE

From where does the morning come? The quiet sky, the pinky promise I pretended not to see, that fingertip?
The moon, faced with laughter, is going away in the direction of yesterday.

A liar, a coward – collect all that and I’m the result; if I was blooming, it must have been within a dream.

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nano.RIPE – 15 byou

nano.RIPE, c/w Hanasaku Iroha OP2 Omokage Warp

Requested by tehspiah.

15 Seconds
Lyrics: Kimiko
Composition: Kimiko & Sasaki Jun

What lies beyond the secret door is the place marked on the treasure map.
Passing through too many nights to count, I’ve walked all the way to this point.

For just fifteen seconds, I closed my eyes, then opened them to the colors of the world afterward.
I’m sure that I won’t forget any of what I saw in that time.

In just a single moment, the world transforms.
Just a single moment transforms the world.

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Sankarea – Esoragoto

nano.RIPE, Sankarea OP

Lyrics: Kimiko
Composition: Kimiko
Arrangement: nano.RIPE

What if the story that I heard on that sleepless night was all a fantasy playing out in my head?

Rather than knowing eternity, I seek pleasure and lament over the present.
Maybe I do that to run away from the shadows that have settled deep inside my heart.

Even so, if I’ll be able to come to love who I am…

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Hanasaku Iroha – Hatch

nano.RIPE, Tsurugi Minko image song, Yunosagi Relations

Lyrics: Kimiko
Composition: Sasaki Jun
Arrangement: nano.RIPE
Performance: nano.RIPE

Did it go like this? How did it go, again?
The person that I always wanted to be…

I wobble and shake from side to side, full of holes, even when I can pretend not to see.
Whenever I laugh or cry, my paranoia always shows its face.

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Hanasaku Iroha – Yumeji

nano.RIPE, Hanasaku Iroha ED (episode 8), Patricia

I’ve actually had this about done for a few days now; finished it in the airport waiting room. Now that I’ve started settling into the apartment here, I decided to catch up on anime, and what do you know, turns out they used this as the ED.

I really like the guitar at the solo and the end.

Performance / Arrangement: nano.RIPE
Lyrics / Composition: Kimiko

The repeating sequence of days came to an end, and one thing I couldn’t see disappeared.
Now I’m looking for the path to take.
The voice that echoes deep in my ears makes me unconsciously think of you,
But I’m still afraid of looking back.

Holding up high my finger that has lost the way,
I wish I could make the south wind my friend and go out.

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