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CLOCK MUSIC (Pe-jun / Chata) – Dakikakaeru Ude

CLOCK MUSIC, C76 release Gojuunido no Kanata / Dakikakaeru Ude


Listen: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13693728

Companion song: 『Gojuunido no Kanata』

The Arms That Embrace
Vocals: Chata
Music: Peejun
Lyrics: nk
Illustration: Fukukitaru (Electric Range)

I wait behind-the-scenes for the opportune moment
So that I can slip away without being found.
I hate to leave behind the comfy napping place I know so well,
But I have to get going.

Don’t ask me, “Where are you going?”
I can’t let myself be seen.

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CLOCK MUSIC (Pe-jun / Chata) – Gojuunido no Kanata

CLOCK MUSIC, C76 release Gojuunido no Kanata / Dakikakaeru Ude


Listen: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13183865

Companion song: 『Dakikakaeru Ude』

Beyond 52°
Vocals: Chata
Music: Peejun
Lyrics: nk
Illustration: Fukukitaru (Electric Range)

Once, just a single time, a mysterious thing happened.
Even though you’re not a bird, I saw you take flight.

There was an expression
On your face – you’d never showed it before.
In midair, you turned my way a little and gave me a tender look.

I didn’t feel a trace of unease,
But I immediately realized what had happened.

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Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – Programming for non-fiction

Natsuko Aso, Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou OP

This is my favorite OP of the summer season. Incidentally, notice that the lyricist and composer are the ones who made the Shigofumi ED.

This was not easy for me. I think I might have taken some liberties with the literalness of the translation in the interest of having the song make more sense, considering all the English and katakana words. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have finished this at all if I wasn’t using it as a diversion from my CS3L miniproject – puts me in the right mode for interpretation.

Programming for non-fiction
Lyrics: Saori Kodama
Composition / Arrangement: Peejun
Vocals: Natsuko Aso

The today I dream of is my non-fiction,
A brilliant force of attraction.
Now, the world that spreads out before me is not fantasy.
A new code dances,
A program to get to the future I want.

A log is an ocean of trees, a list of experiences.
More than a calculated answer,
I want to be able grab onto a feeling
Before the squall brings a rainbow like a prism.

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Shigofumi – Chain

Snow*, Shigofumi ED

I noticed that no one had translated the full song, so here is the ending theme of Shigofumi in the wake of the OVA’s release. One thing I particularly like about the full version is the blurred section that follows the second chorus.

Vocals: Snow*
Lyrics: Kodama Saori
Composition / Arrangement: Peejun

The light shining in monochrome
Is now flower petals swaying in the valley of memories.
Now then, watercolored thoughts,
On to the quiet place, to our pure slumber.

Chain… Chain… I’m happy
The chain connects…

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